The Long Road to Mumbai

Another early start to catch a taxi to the airport at 6:30am. The taxi driver was a maniac, zooming through intersections and honking his horn. We all feared for our lives but, thankfully, arrived in one place. Even if a little shaken.

To get into the airport we needed to show a ticket and our passports. We had our passports but not the tickets. Luckily I was able to show something that showed we had a booking, but the blank looks from the person I showed it to suggested she didn’t really understand it but let us through anyway.

Check-in was slow but we got through without much trouble, and then through security where bag tags were put on our hand luggage and then stamped to show they’d been screened.

We then sat and waited for our flight. And waited. And waited. It was over an hour delayed. I started reading a new book, The Loney. When the bus arrived to take us to the plane, we then showed our boarding passes and baggage tags to security…although there wasn’t one on my small bag.

I then had to be taken back to the x-ray machine…only to find that it had already been screened. I got rolled eyes and ‘geez-you’re-dumb’ looks from the people involved. We boarded the plane. The flight took about two hours and then we landed in Mumbai.

We walked to our hotel which was opposite the airport. We arrived at 12 and checked-in, which took a while, and then were told we’d be notified when our room was ready as check-in is usually at 2. We sat. And we waited.

At 1 we checked if the rooms were available. No, they weren’t.

We waited again.

At 2, I checked if it was ready. No, they had high occupancy and the rooms weren’t ready yet.

We waited again. And then went for lunch instead.

I came back up about an hour later. Rooms still not ready. They’d be ready in 15 minutes.

They weren’t.

Then they’d be ready in five minutes and they’d notify us.

They didn’t.

But eventually we were given rooms.

Although Christine couldn’t get into hers. Twice. No, I think three times.

No apologies. No attempt to sort this out quickly. They were useless. It was not a good start to getting in the hotel.

Then there were problems with the rooms so overall we weren’t impressed with the start of our stay. However, what was good was the buffet. Some delicious food.

I went to the gym, which is in the open air of the hotel, which is humid and not air-conditioned. I sweated, which is unusual for me. I felt better for having gone though (once I was sure I wasn’t going to pass out). I think I’ve put on weight during this holiday. Not good.

In the evening we went downstairs for dinner at a Lebanese/Moroccan restaurant, which was nice, and enjoyed the ambience. Not a bad way to end a bit of a trying day.

Two more days to go before going back to India.


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