Back in Perth with a vengeance

It’s been a busy week, and not just because I returned to work on Monday. My first week back at work was pretty good. I eased back into the routine, and the workload wasn’t horrific either. I’m only working Monday to Thursday so by Wednesday afternoon, I realised I only had a day and half left before I was off again. It was wonderful. The work is fun too and there are lots of projects coming up so it’ll give me the chance to flex my creative muscles and do some interesting things. Trying to fit the gym and writing around work will take a little bit of time.

On Tuesday evening Glen and I joined a couple of friends for rock-climbing. Jason and Chris go every Tuesday and we decided we’d give it a shot. Glen happily exclaimed when we’d discussed it at yum cha on Sunday that he used to go, though then had to think about that and qualify it by saying it was actually more than ten years ago. Nevertheless, we went on Tuesday. I think I’ve only ever been once before and that was in high school.

We hired our guy, went through the demonstration then climbed for a bit. We did about four or five climbs each and then, having satisfied that curiosity, decided it wasn’t really for us and left after about an hour – much to Jason and Chris’s sadness. I’m just glad we went and we were sociable.

I joined the nearby council gym on Wednesday after a few days of deciding which would be the best gym to join based on cost and convenience. One gym was going to give me an excellent price but as it was in the city, it wasn’t all that easy to get to on the days that I don’t cycle to work. In the end I settled for the one that’s literally a street away. I missed out on getting the 2014-15 price by a day! But in the end paid less than I was expecting to at this gym. I worked out on Wednesday and Thursday and felt good for having gone.

We collected our new bikes on Wednesday afternoon and cycled them home. I’ve yet to cycle to work on mine (tomorrow) but Glen did a practise run to his work on Friday. He says it definitely feels like he’s going faster but it still took the same amount of time. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get to work in a solid 25 minutes, as opposed to the 30/35 it used to take me. Cycling in the cold crisp morning is not something I’m looking forward to but I’ve got my cloves and ear muffs handy (thank you, Canada!).

Our new mattress arrived on Thursday. I wasn’t home but Glen was. As it’s a king size mattress and we’ve never had one of them in this house before, it was all a bit touch and go whether it would get up the stairs. It only just made it up there after a lot of effort. It was totally worth it though (especially after sleeping on old single mattresses all week). It’s comfortable, cosy and so wonderful to sleep on. Plus, when Glen moves on his side of the bed, I don’t even notice. Heaven!

On Friday on my day off I took my grandmother to the doctors and then Glen and I had lunch with her like old times. Afterwards, Glen and I went to pick up our cat Smudge from her foster mum’s. We loaded up the car with her three-storey cat condo and all the toys, kitty litter and biscuits she’d accumulated. She was already in the cat carrier which made things easier. Once we got home and unloaded everything, we let her out. She immediately ran to the downstairs toilet and hid underneath the cabinet and that’s where she stayed for about 12 hours. She was not happy to be home.

She allowed us – and my mother-in-law – to pat her and give her scratches, which was unusual. And then on Saturday evening she eventually emerged and decided to sit on the coffee table and then on me and then next to Glen and then in her igloo and then repeated the whole cycle. She was slowly coming out of her, rather rotund, shell. (She has to go on a diet.)

She’s gotten bolder since then, jumping up on the bed in the middle of the night (only to be whisked away to her bedroom by Glen – who’s allergic). She’s also decided that our bedroom wardrobe is her spot now and I have to remember not to close the door and lock her in there. I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to come sit in front of the heater with us.

As well as all this, we’ve been very sociable – though we’ve found that by the time it gets to 8 o’clock we’re pretty much done for the night and wondering when it’s bedtime. I think it has something to do with the shorter days here and our body clocks aren’t quite used to it yet.

On Thursday we had dinner with Sophie and Ian (which did go late so good on us), filled with good food and a lot of laughs. Soph didn’t think we’d come back from Toronto so she was shocked – and pleased – that we’d returned. On Friday we went out with Bree and Rohan to go Paul’s birthday at the Brisbane. We ate food. We caught up. It felt like old times.

We had brunch with Marco on Saturday morning at Sayers, an old haunt of ours, and then Glen’s mum came for lunch (bearing herbs and vegetables for the garden). On Saturday evening we went for dinner with my sister and cousins at Kitsch Bar, trying another place that had popped up since we’d been away.

We caught up with Dad and Donna for brunch on Sunday at a vegetarian/vegan place over the train tracks from us. In the afternoon Glen and I took things to work – clothes, lunches – so we didn’t have to cart them on our bikes, and then we went to Bunnings and bought a worm farm (I’m so glad we’ve got one again). And then in the evening we caught with Dion and went to Lucky Chan’s Noodle Bar in Northbridge before getting some dessert then coming home to watch Masterchef.

It’s been a weekend of eating, and a full on week. Looking ahead we’ve got a lot coming up. I don’t know how this happened, but definitely not going to knock it.

What do you say, eh?

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