In limbo in the Mid-West

Tiredness, blackout curtains and having nowhere to be weren’t enough to stop us from waking up at 7am. True that due to the time difference between Toronto and Chicago, 7am was 8am to us, but wouldn’t you think we could push past that and have a nice lie in?

Apparently not.

We got up and took our time getting ready before rumbling bellies sent us out into the streets, fighting against the flow of office workers, and walked to a cafe that we’d been to before. We ate food. It wasn’t as good as Glen remembered but it filled a spot. We discussed what we wanted to do in Chicago. Having been a few times before, we didn’t really have much we wanted to see so we went over some old ground.

We walked down last the Art Institute and saw a silver cowboy on a silver horse (sculpture), then continued down to our main goal, the statue of Daphne. Unfortunately it wasn’t covered in vines so we didn’t get to see the full effect this time (in the right season the sculpture is covered in vines, leaves and flowers so gives the impression of being Daphne the wood nymph). We then walked past the big Native American sculptures, up through Millennium Park to the Cloudgate and then back to the hotel.

We spent most of the rest of the day in the hotel. I felt a little guilty but as we’d been to Chicago a few times before, there weren’t many must-see things left to do. I think we also just wanted to do not very much. Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries arrived as a gift organised by Dave, much to our surprise. The strawberries were delicious, though.

We had a nap in the afternoon. I then went to the gym as I hadn’t been for about a week and was starting to feel crappy. In the evening, we walked down the street and had dinner at Petterino’s. They have caricatures on the walls and we were sharing dinner with Bebe Neuwirth, David Hyde Pearce and Robin Williams. The food was good too. We took a quick de

Once back at the hotel, we stumbled upon My Big Fat Greek Wedding on the TV so watched that, had a laugh, and then went to bed.



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