A farewell party is a terrible idea

Despite our hopes, we did not sleep in on Saturday morning. We were up at an unfriendly 7:30am and decided to get on with our day. This started with packing the last of our stuff and clearing out a few cupboards. We didn’t start the cleaning though. We also had to get things ready for the evening’s farewell party happening downstairs in our condo.

Glen was feeling tired and a little unwell after packing so Julian and I went to the bank, No Frills and the LCBO, depositing money, buying chips and chocolate, and alcohol, in that order. Glen attempted to sleep. In the afternoon I tried to as well but it wasn’t happening so just struggled through.

I also spent about an hour on the phone changing our return flight. We booked award flights to get home but, at the time, we had to book a return so we had a flight booked to get back into Toronto in October. We had to change this before we started our flights to Australia so it took an hour on the phone trying to find a suitable flight back. We’re now booked for May next year to come back for a visit. Unfortunately it’s made up of three connections as opposed to one.

At about 6:30pm I started to move things downstairs. This involved not only the food and drink (every bit of alcohol we had left in the house was going to this party) but also all the bits and pieces we either weren’t taking with us or weren’t willing to throw away without seeing if anyone wanted it. I’d also given Julian and Alastair a bunch of leftover food, spices, herbs, protein powder, soap etc, earlier in the day so we were finally getting down to the bare bones of it all.

(I can’t believe how much stuff we’d managed to accumulate, not just objects but also food.)

Pauline and Isabella arrived first and then more people came as the night wore on. We served drinks. Pizza arrived. People ate chips and chose a few things from the giveaway table. Some people even gave us presents (though any alcohol was either drunk or sadly returned to the gifters).

I didn’t get to speak to everyone nearly as much as I would have liked but I managed to circulate and say hello and goodbye to most people. Unfortunately, as the night wore on, I became tired and my original hope of going out to a club afterwards evaporated.

We wrapped everything up at midnight, loaded our friends up with leftover alcohol as they were going to another party, and then said our “until next times”. We tried not to let our sadness get our evening down too much but both of us said that a farewell party was a terrible idea because of the goodbyes. And it went on all night.

The only thing that made it bearable—though not in all instances—was saying we’d see people either in Australia (for those who plan to come) or else in Toronto in May. It still doesn’t make all the sadness go away. Though the party was bittersweet, we felt very loved for having such friends to say goodbye to.

What do you say, eh?

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