Soaking up the sun at Woodbine Beach

I tried to stay in bed as long as I could on Monday but that wasn’t working. There was too much to do. The freight stuff was being collected on Tuesday so I needed to make sure it was all ready to go. I went out to buy masking tape and luggage locks and finished that all off with time to spare. I could have done other things but, amazingly, the day turned out to be really nice so I went to the beach.

I went to Woodbine Beach. Toronto is on a lake so it’s not a beach as I’d consider it but there was sand and sun. There was also water but when I got there the red flags were out which means no swimming because of the pollution. By the time I left the green flags were out but I’m not game enough to go swimming in that.

The sun felt good. I lay down and relaxed for a bit but couldn’t sleep. I read my book for a bit and then after an hour or so, couldn’t take the inactivity much longer and so headed home.

In the evening, after Glen got home from work, we went with Julian for dinner at Lee’s with Bec and Al as well. Glen didn’t like it here the first time we came about eight months ago, but I enjoyed it then, and this time we both did. The winner was the Singaporean salad slaw with ’19 ingredients’. We also had Peking duck, lobster ravioli, rack of lamb, tofu and green chicken curry. Oh and drinks as well. And dessert.

We got home about ten and fell into bed. With all this trying to fit in as much as possible before we go, we’re easily going to be able to sleep on the flight home.

What do you say, eh?

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