Sense8 with Kevin

Wednesday 24 June was another fairly standard day. I did some work, packed up a few more things into boxes and I may have even finalised the freight shipping. This had taken a long time to make a decision on as prices fluctuated quite a bit.

I eventually settled on sending back five boxes by ship as this was the cheapest I could get it. We then increased it to seven boxes for no additional cost because it was all within the one cubic metre space that we’d been assigned.

It’ll arrive in the middle of August, at which point there’ll either be a bit of annoyance at trying to find new homes for all the new things or a few tears at this reminder of our Canadian life all packed up and reduced to a few knick knacks and an ottoman in the shape of an elephant. We’ll probably feel both.
That evening was the Pride Pool Party at Cabana. We’d flirted with the idea of going but after a bad sleep the night before and a long day at work for Glen, plus a bit of a cool breeze outside, we decided against going out and instead invited Kevin over for dinner. 

I cooked chicken pie, much to Glen’s obvious joy, and we caught up before plunging into a few more episodes of Sense8. I think we got through about four more that evening. It was nice to just chill out for a bit and not dwell too much on the fact that it’ll probably be the last time we hang out like that with Kevin, at least for a while. 

It’s hard to keep thinking of things as the last this or the last that. Best not to think of it at all.

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