All you can eat, drink and dance at Toronto Pride 2015

Waking up on Sunday morning was not pleasant. I really could have done with a few more hours sleep but we had plans for brunch. We joined Pete, Royden, Eliano, Marcio, Dave, Josh, Antony and Julian for all-you-can-eat brunch at a Brazilian restaurant called Copacabana. 

It was one of those restaurants where they bring meat on sticks around to your table and they carve bits off for you. They also had a salad bar, crepe and omelette station and other things. The food was really good quality and tasty too. Unlike Glen, I didn’t eat all I could and stopped just before I got too full. Smart move, I think.

Josh (Dave and Antony’s) one-year-old was the star of the show and stole most of everyone’s attention. At one point Julian took him out of his high chair to walk around. Josh has just started walking so once started, he didn’t really stop. But by that stage he was Julian’s responsibility haha.

We finished at about 1:30 and went our separate ways. Julian and Glen went shopping while I went home to nap, unsuccessfully unfortunately. Glen eventually came home and tried to nap too but it wasn’t working so eventually we decided to just get on with it.

Curtis, another neighbour in the building, invited us down to his place for ‘a drink’ before they headed out. I thought we’d be there about 20 minutes at the most but that easily, and happily, turned into nearly two hours as we chatted with him and his three friends and talked about his dog, Caleb, who is more cat than dog and has the personality to match.

Well oiled, we decided we’d head down to something on Church St so we left them to drink some more, collected Julian, and walked down the street. Hallelujah, the rain had stopped. We were planning on going to the hastily arranged indoor event at the 519 for $25 but as it wasn’t raining, we went to their free outdoor event instead. (We donated anyway.)

The ground was practically mud. Services had been shut down and it was about a third full but it was good place to start. We had some drinks. Curtis and his group arrived. We talked to people. Danced a bit, though the music wasn’t that great, and eventually we decided to abandon this party in favour of the indoor warmth of Woody’s.

Thankfully there was no queue so we went straight in. Being a smaller venue it was more crowded but not painfully so. We had some more drinks. We danced. We met new people. Eventually Glen and Julian went home (they had work the next day) while I stayed for another hour or so. I’d made friends by then and found some others so I was having a good time.

However, tiredness and sore hips eventually encouraged me to go home. I left at 1:30, met Curtis outside, and we walked back to the condo and said good night. Bed never felt so good.

While it wasn’t the Pride I’d hoped for, I had a blast and I’m so happy we got to experience three of them–one of them World Pride–during our time here. And sure, it rained and I didn’t see much of the parade (except for a bit from my balcony) it was filled with friends and fun, and that’s what matters. No doubt we’ll be back for another one one day.


Julian and Josh
Don’t rain on my prade

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