A play, a pie and a pool party

Friday evening we went to see an Alan Ayckbourn play called Bedroom Farce. Julian had bought Glen a ticket for his birthday, and so the three of us, as well as Bec and Al, went to see it at the Distillery District. Bec, Al, Glen and I went for dinner at the Beer Hall first of all (not a very nice dinner), and then went to see the play.

We laughed a lot. It was set in the 1970s and was about four married couples. It showed the general banality of married life but in a funny – albeit sad – way. I found it interesting to see the representations of men and women from the 70s and how dated they’ve become, yet not so much as to be unwatchable. Either way, we enjoyed it. Later, Glen and I watched a clip of one of the scenes when it was performed at the National Theatre in London. The performance was so different, mainly due to the timing. Amazing how two sets of people performing the same lines can generate such different meanings.

On Saturday morning Glen and I went shopping at the Eaton Centre for new bathers for the evening’s pool party at Ur and Israel’s. We cycled down. It’s been ages since I’ve been to the Eaton Centre. And it was probably the last time as well. We bought new shorts, on sale, from Abercrombie and Fitch, then cycled home. Such a beautiful day.

We then left at about 12, going with Julian down to see Steve, my hairdresser. After getting my haircut on Tuesday, Glen was so impressed that he decided to give him a shot and pay more than $8 for a cut. He got an excellent cut and seemed really happy with it. He looks pretty spunky. We then went shopping in a cool Canadian store – and bought yet more clothes – before going for pies at Wisey’s Pies. Then it was back home for a nap.

I couldn’t nap. Instead, after a while, I went to the gym, then came home and got ready. I think I looked pretty damn good for the pool party, wearing all new clothes and with my new hair. Actually, we both looked good. Pete drove me, Julian, Marcio and Eliano, while Glen went on the back of Royden’s motorbike to Ur and Israel’s.

There was a good number of people at the party. The drinks were strong. The food was tasty. The pool was warm. I met a bunch of people including a couple who’d met John Barrowman. Got to see Ur and Is’s kids before they went to sleep. Little stand to wonder when we’d see them again – and how big they’d be by then.

We stayed until about one then got a cab back to the apartment with Julian. I was still in the mood to go out so Julian and I headed to Fly. I managed to last until about 4am. By then most people had left so I headed home too. I was exhausted by the time I got inside.

Unsurprisingly, Sunday was spent mostly in bed. I got up at 2pm. Glen and I walked down the road to get groceries. There’s some early Pride Festival stuff on but we were on a mission. We bought veggies and meat, then came home. Glen cooked a delicious roast. We watched the last episode and a half of Game of Thrones. I’m really quite bored of that series now. We then went to Pete and Royden’s to watch a movie but we only got an hour into Inherent Vice before deciding it wasn’t doing much for us so we stopped it, and headed home, in need of some sleep. What a weekend.

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