Walking around Paris

Tuesday was the start of the conference so Glen went off to do conference things up at La Défense. We’d left the house together in search of a croissant but didn’t find one easily so Glen went hungry. As I was already up and out, and in Paris, I went exploring. Despite having an unlimited travel card, I walked everywhere.

First stop: l’Opera, then down to the Tuileries. I hadn’t realized how close the apartment was to many of the typical tourist sites so it was easy to get around. The obelisk loomed to my right so o went and looked at that. The Musee de l’Orangerie was close too, but also closed on a Tuesday, so I walked down Les Jardins de Tuileries, looking at sculptures and real-live goats who were mowing the grass (with their mouth, not actual lawnmowers). Then through the arch to the Louvre pyramid. I didn’t actually go into these places. It was just nice to be out in the sun and soak up the atmosphere.

I was going to head home next but instead thought I’d find a supermarket to pick up some groceries so we weren’t eating out all the time. Google Maps showed a few around, one called Carrefour, which I knew to be a French supermarket. The upside of this choice was that it too me through the gardens of Palais Royale. A breakdancer was preparing to be filmed or photographed in the courtyard, which was also dotted with sculptures. The gardens were full of roses. I then found where Carrefour was meant to be only to realize its full name was Carrefour-Voyages and it was a travel agents. No matter, I found the sculpture of Moliere instead.

Another search on Google revealed that the Monoprix, that looked like a department store, also sold groceries–and it was on the corner near our apartment. I descended into the giant pit of groceries and bought fruit, cheese, juice, baguettes and eggs. I then went home and cooked an omelette. Amazingly, I’d done all this and it was still lunch time.

Even with all that afternoon to spare, I decided to stay in. In fact, I had a nap and it was lovely. And when Glen got back from the conference, we napped together until 5:30 and thought we should get up.

We went in search of dinner. Our first choice was a Japanese restaurant we’d passed nearby when we first arrived but it was closed. We also walked past a lot of other Japanese and Korean restaurants as rue Ste-Anne seems to be the place for it. We settled on a Japanese ramen place that looked busy but still had room for us. The food was ok. I don’t know why I choose ramen though. I’m usually disappointed.

Even though people will say it’s sacrilege, after dinner we went home and spent the night on the couch. It was lovely.

What do you say, eh?

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