A weekend in Provence

Our weekend mini-break in Provence was wonderful. It was probably the first holiday we’ve had in a while where we haven’t done much, and it was really lovely. We spent two days sleeping late, having long breakfasts/lunches/dinners, chatting, going for swims in the pool, and, in the case of Glen, going for a nap every couple of hours.

On Sunday we had a mini-twinge of needing to go do something so Glen and I walked down to the village to check out the markets and buy some baguettes and croissants. I managed to make myself understood in the patisserie, which isn’t all that hard as baguette is baguette, and croissant is croissant. We were very obviously foreigners but it wasn’t too daunting.

We went for a walk up to the church and then thought we’d check out the windmill, so walked on a bit more. We could see the windmill, in fact we’d walked around the bottom of its hill, but we couldn’t find a path up, and with it being quite warm, we decided we’d had enough exercise for one day and headed back to the house to eat more food.

We jumped into the pool soon after getting back. It was about 30°C on both days so the cool water was a welcome relief (but we did take a while to get in). We had a late and long lunch, and then played Sushi Go, which we’d brought as a gift for Leon and Alice. We played three rounds. Alice scored the highest with 46 on her first go.

It wasn’t a weekend entirely without work. I did bits and pieces for either work back home or volunteer work. It wasn’t too onerous, especially in such an idyllic setting. We also changed our plans for next weekend.

Instead of hiring a car and driving to the village of Troyes, we’re catching the train. It’s quicker than driving and involves far less stress. (Alice originally thought we’d hired a car to drive around while in Paris and thought we were mad. We were quick to point out we weren’t.)

Because of daylight savings, it was very easy to stay up late, which meant sleeping in late too. We decided we’d get up early on Monday, which equated to about 9am. We had breakfast, checked out Alice’s kiln and pottery studio, one of Leon’s two sheds, and the veggie patch. Then we went to the medieval village of Le Castellet for lunch.

Being a Monday it was quiet but it was nice to wander around through this 14th/15th century walled town. We found a place for lunch, Alice and I opting for scallops and ceps in a sauce, Leon for mussels and Glen for pasta carbonara. After lunch it was time to go. We drove back to the house then took Alice took her French class while Leon drove us back to Marseilles to catch our plane.

Our adventures in Provence had drawn to a close all too soon. Paris was calling.

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