Spring, glorious spring

It’s a beautiful Saturday in Toronto. The sun is absolutely beaming down. Once we finally got out of bed, which was still much earlier than necessary for a Saturday, I didn’t think we could waste the day completely by staying inside. Glen went to the gym for a bit while I did a few things at home, but when he returned we headed down to Loblaws to get groceries.

I know. Grocery shopping on a Saturday. Not exactly exciting. Still, we were outside. The garden beds around Toronto are bursting with colour at the moment. The daffodils couldn’t be any bigger. They seem to be straining to increase the size of their trumpets, easily outshining the tulips.

Loblaws wasn’t too busy, which was a relief. I had a list of things we needed. We didn’t need much. I’m making a chicken salad for tonight’s pot luck at Ur and Israel’s and trying to use up as many of the vegetables I’ve already got in the fridge. If we’d stuck to the list, we would have gotten out of there with minimal stuff. I hadn’t factored in a hungry Glen.

“A whole watermelon! I must get one!’

“Will you eat this bag of mandarins?”

“I want mushrooms! Not the mushrooms you bought. These mushrooms!”

“Can you make chicken pie for lunch?”

I said no to the last one but then he said he’d make it so I told him the two ingredients we didn’t already have in the basket (cream and zucchinis). I said it wasn’t good for him. He scoffed and bought it anyway.

We gave the cashier something to laugh about, too. Glen had unpacked most of the trolley, ordering things in the way he wanted them but didn’t complete the task. So I loaded the conveyor up with the remaining items, one of which was this watermelon (which came to an outrageous $12). As he packed the bags and our old granny shopping trolley, I said he should wait to put the watermelon at the bottom. Then apparently it was my fault that the watermelon hadn’t been put through as one of the earlier items.

The cashier laughed and agreed with Glen, then went on to say how rude some customers were who expected her to reach down the end of the conveyor to get the heavy items when they were the ones to put them there in that order in the first place. Let it be known I don’t expect any cashier to move anything. What is this? The 50s? Anyway, she had a good laugh. So did we.

We wandered back up to the condo, stopping in at Bec and Al’s so I could borrow something…sweet chilli sauce…which I didn’t actually leave with. We chatted for a while as it had been probably two weeks since we’d seen them last. I’m sad to think that we’ve only got two months left and that this ease with which we see people will vanish once back in Perth. Al then came upstairs for a coffee and returned the curtains they’d borrowed from us. Unfortunately the tension rod was too short for their windows.

Once home, Glen made pie while I worked on promotional stuff for my new book which comes out later this month. I haven’t had much of a chance to do a lot over the past few weeks, and this week was a short week. After returning from Orlando, Wednesday and Thursday were spent doing work for the zoo and another client, but once that was all done, I found I could spend Friday just working on my stuff.

I managed to get some things done but there’s always much more that needs doing, so this afternoon was spent on Facebook advertising, some extra writing, and sending requests to reviewers. I’ve still got to edit an article I’ve written and come up with some blog posts. Time is running out (especially when we’re away so much in the coming eight weeks).

I then went to the gym in the condo, working on my legs. I hate doing legs. It’s always so exhausting. Returning to the apartment, I worked some more, then had a lie down with Glen. I’ll have to start preparing the salad soon. I keep looking out at the sunshine and wondering what else I could be doing. I never feel like this about sunshine back home.

And just to round off, last night we went for a walk because I wanted to do something and Glen needed to get something from the hospital. We wandered down through Queens Park and were rewarded with seeing two cherry blossom trees in bloom in front of the parliament building. They were beautiful, and would only look more so in full sunlight.

After the hospital, we wandered back through the village, getting a couple of bubble teas and enjoying our evening constitutional. Life is good.

What do you say, eh?

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