The day I didn’t see the World Cheerleading Championships

One of the really exciting things about being in Orlando this weekend was to get to see the World Cheerleading Championships. Unfortunately, due to food poisoning I didn’t get to go. I got out of bed at one point. Glen and I went for lunch but I couldn’t find anything that didn’t make my stomach do cartwheels, so I sat while Glen ate. Then I went back to bed.

Meanwhile, at least Glen got to see some of it and from the photos it looks like it was an amazing, high octane event. I think the crowds cheered more than the cheerleaders. It would have been something to see, that’s for sure.

Glen came back later in the evening after getting food with Julian and Tanya, and hanging out with some of the big bicep cheerleaders.

At least I was feeling a bit better by the end of the day.

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