Glen’s birthday and other things

It’s been really busy this past week that unfortunately I haven’t had much of an opportunity to post an update. Subsequently a whole week has gone by. How is that possible? I barely noticed it go.

Saturday: Glen’s Birthday Party

We threw a party on Saturday night for Glen’s 36th birthday. This meant a fair amount of preparation. We went to Costco with Julian in the morning, and managed to spend less than we normally do. It was still a lot, and most of it for the party, but it probably one of our cheapest visits.

From there we went to No Frills and then down to Roncesvailles and Queen St W to check out a New Zealand pie shop called Wisey’s Pies. The pies were like the ones we get back home. They were pretty good quality. One of the servers was Australian and one of the customers was New Zealand. I didn’t feel home sick but it was nice to have a good pie (and not have to call it a pot pie because Canadians don’t know what a meat pie is).

In the afternoon we got the house ready and prepared a few food items. We tried to nap but that didn’t work so I went to the gym instead. Considering the amount of bad food and drink we were going to ingest, I thought it wise to do some exercise.

People started to arrive at 7:30pm. And they kept arriving until 10:30. It was the usual gang from the building plus a couple of extras, and a bunch of radiologists from the hospital. Our apartment bulged with all the bodies. We had plenty of different drinks, as usual there was too much food though the meatballs from Costco went down a treat.

Glen got to play the Archer board game that Peter and Royden bought me for my birthday. Meanwhile everyone else formed little groups and seemed to enjoy themselves. For once I got a bit of a taste to know how Glen feels at these events, as he’s usually the one running around checking on drinks and food, whereas I did it this time. Next time I think we’ll get some staff in.

People started to leave at about 10/10:30 so Bec quickly brought up the chocolate mousse birthday cake she’d made for Glen (delicious and decadent). We sang happy birthday and cut the cake. Then had a quick game of Cards Against Humanity before the party eventually wound day and the last guests left around midnight. It was a good party, and lovely to see so many people.


We had a rest day. Apart from a brief trip down to the board games store, we spent much of the day inside. In the evening we watched Game of Thrones.


James and Sarah, a doctor couple from Perth, were in Toronto for a conference after having a holiday in Orlando so we went out for dinner with them at Kenzo Ramen. Turns out they’re staying in the same apartment building that our friend Anna lived in. The restaurant was right across the street from it so it was very convenient for them. As it was a nice night, Glen and I walked down.

Dinner was good. James and Glen caught up on all the goings on at the Perth hospitals, and then there were the talks about what to expect when going home. We also asked them how they’d acclimatised to being back in Perth after living in Melbourne for a year on Fellowship.

They were homesick for Melbourne for about a year, and still reminisce about it and think what a different life they’d be living if they’d stayed. This confession didn’t exactly fill us with joy, as we’re still conflicted about our return to Perth. We’ll just have to see what it’s like when we get home.

We were the last ones in the restaurant and left at about 9:30. I think the staff were happy for us to leave. We said our goodbyes and then Glen and I caught the subway. Unfortunately we got on it going southbound so the journey took a little longer than expected as we had to get off a station or two further down then go back up. Such a rookie mistake.


Not much happened. Work. Gym. Quiet night.

Wednesday: Glen’s Birthday

Glen woke me up to get me to wish him a happy birthday. I was in such a deep sleep! Normally I wake up about 15 minutes before he’s due to go to work but that morning I was dead to the world. I offered as cheery a happy birthday as I could muster and then he went off to work.

In the evening he had strict instructions to leave work on time as I’d hired a Zipcar and we were going to check out the Aga Khan Museum. True to his word, he was home by quarter past five. We left soon after and picked up the car (so convenient as it’s located only a couple of streets away).

I then drove us through rush hour traffic to get where we needed to go. We had…fun…shouting at all the bad drivers on the road. We reached the museum and just as I was about to go pay for parking, a car pulled up and the ladies inside offered me theirs which had 40 minutes still left on. We took it with thanks.

The Aga Khan Museum shows Islamic-themed exhibits. It’s free on a Wednesday, which is also when it’s open until 8pm. The Lost Dhow (a ship) exhibition was in its last week and I’d wanted to see it so that’s what prompted us to go.

The ship was sunk more than 1000 years ago off an Indonesian island. It was mostly laden with ceramics from China that were destined for trade in the Middle East, but there were a lot of other items on board, including gold and silver ornate pieces and some beautiful white green-splashed ceramics that had intricate models built into their bases.

I’m always staggered when I see such old things and think that they had the expertise to do such work back then. And also to think how prolific and widespread trade was. It wasn’t as isolated a world as I think it was.

We looked at some other pieces from the Islamic world then decided we’d seen enough and were hungry. We didn’t need more than the 40 minutes of parking.

I’d suggested we go to Joey, which was near the museum, for dinner, but then Glen had a hankering for Persian so we decided to try Pomegranate. On the drive up Bathurst St, however,I remembered that Buca was nearby and how much Glen had liked it and wanted to return, so suggested that and got a most emphatic yes. So that was settled.

When we walked in, I was a little concerned that we couldn’t get a seat as the place looked packed and there were people standing up to eat. However, once we were acknowledged, the waiter directed us to the bar where there was more than enough room. We settled in. Glen ordered something alcoholic, drank it and went read.

We ordered a lobster-and-scallop-sausage with pasta and fiddleheads (the tips of ferns) to start, then a sous vide haddock with sides of potatoes and brussel sprouts, before finishing with rhubarb sorbet, hazelnut gelato and a donut thing. We left feeling quite full and satisfied with a good meal.

We returned the car bang on time. It was a lovely evening out.


Not much to report. More work. More gym. Quiet evening.

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  1. Interesting convergence: you visited a place (or an establishment?) called Roncesvailles (or Roncesvalles or Roncesvaux), which is where Roland, the hero of the French epic poem, La Chanson de Roland, lost his life in a battle. And now you’re in Orlando, the Italo-Spanish version of “Roland” . . . Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo . . . (That’s the theme from The Twilight Zone, in case you didn’t get it . . .)


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