Take me out to the ball game

Glen's pre-game hot dog. It was vile.
Glen’s pre-game hot dog. It was vile.

When we first arrived in Toronto nearly two years ago, the Toronto Blue Jays were having a winning streak. Nine consecutive wins. I’d managed to pick up this tidbit of information on the news and used it to great effect when we talked to a couple of nice Torontonians at a restaurant. It never would have occurred to me to actually go to a game. It’s baseball. Who watches that?

But in the interest of trying to experience of Toronto as much as possible in our remaining months, when Julian asked if we wanted to go to a ballgame, we accepted. (Especially as tickets were only about $16 each.) I was most excited about getting to see inside the Skydome/Rogers Centre.

We went on Tuesday night, meeting Julian and his friend Scott outside the stadium at about 7pm. We bought tickets there, up in the gods, but behind the diamond. We entered just as the other team, the Tampa Rays, hit a home run.

Looking down from on high.
Looking down from on high.

Our seats were in the 500s, which really was the nosebleed section. I don’t think Perth has anything quite so big and that goes quite so high. The dome was closed unfortunately so we didn’t get to look up at the night sky while they played ball.

My memories of baseball involve watching the Perth Heat play. I think my dad, my cousin and I went to a full season one year. While they were happy to watch the game, I was usually figuring out how soon I could get a hot dog and chips.

Fast forward 20 years and that was pretty much what I was thinking when we sat down. None of us had had dinner so it wasn’t long before we were descending from on high in search of bad food to eat.

We settled on pizza to start with, then I had some beer with Julian and Scott (I felt so Canadian…even if the first can was Stella). And later we got chicken strips and fries and ice-cream. Yes, it was a bad food day.

What about the baseball, I hear you cry? It was like most baseball games. Not much happens. There were a lot of fly balls that ended up in the seats (luckily not killing anyone). There were a couple of exciting plays, one in particular where the bases were loaded but then they reviewed a play and second base was called out, meanwhile the next batter struck out so that was the end of the innings.

No more home runs. The Rays had scored three, while the Jays had two. We decided to leave at the end of the eighth inning to beat the horde of people rushing to leave. We said our goodbyes. I was glad to have gone, and I’ve been to many more boring things in my life. At least this had some excitement and I got to spend the evening with friends.

What do you say, eh?

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