Toronto Sightseeing

Glen had Monday off so we decided to get out of the house and check out a bit of Toronto. Our first stop was the Allan Gardens Conservatory, which is just down the road from our place. I’ve been there about three times before, but Glen hadn’t yet had the chance to go. We jumped on our Bixie Bikes and headed down Jarvis. We hadn’t gotten very far before a policeman standing on the corner waved me down. I froze. What had I done wrong? Turns out he only wanted to know about the Bixie Bikes and how much they cost. Nice chap.

The conservatory is full of colour at the moment, which is in stark contrast to the drabness of the park outside. Inside were lots of hydrangeas, tulips and snap dragons. There were also quite a few Red-eared Sliders (turtles) in the little waterway, many more than I’d seen before. The Jade Vine was in bloom again. The flowers of this plant are such an odd blue-green colour that they don’t look real. We also saw a couple of Hoya, both much smaller than the one we’ve got back in Australia. We felt proud (even though we don’t know how it survived as long as it did under our care).

From the conservatory, we cycled across to the Royal Ontario Museum to check out the Douglas Coupland art exhibition. It’s so handy having a membership because a) we beat the queues waiting to buy tickets and b) we can just pop in for a short visit and leave again. There were some interesting pieces including one of various internet-related sayings covering a wall. Interestingly it was being photographed quite a lot.

We wanted to go to the “fancy” restaurant in the museum but couldn’t find it. When I asked, the guide said it had closed down. The signage needs updating. So we decided to cycle down to the Toronto Legislature to go for lunch there and finally do a tour of the building. Unfortunately, it’s all closed because of it being Easter Monday (it’s not really a recognised holiday here but some places are shut). We’ll just have to go another day.

Instead we went for lunch at Kinto Ramen on Baldwin St. The food was nice, not too expensive. The homemade lemonade was delicious. From here we went to Church St so Glen could get a haircut, and then we went home.

It was nice to spend time with each other outside of the house. I don’t think we fought once!

2 Replies to “Toronto Sightseeing”

  1. Hi, I’m loving this blog. I just stumbled across it because I was looking for info about dog sledding in Quebec. I see that you’re still there into the summer of this year. I really recommend that you head up the St. Lawrence for the whales. It’s incredible. Anyway, lovely work and thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks! So glad you stumbled along. I’d love to head up the St Lawrence but unfortunately won’t have the time 😦 I have been up to Churchill to swim with Beluga whales though, which was awesome! How did dog sledding go?


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