San Diego Explorer

Tuesday we didn’t get to do much. Glen went to the conference, while I stayed in the hotel room and caught up some work. Fun way to spend a holiday. We went down the road to have a late breakfast. In the afternoon I took a dip in the pool (the ocean looked a bit chilly). I saw a hummingbird hovering over the lawn too, which was pretty cool.

In the evening we went for dinner at one of the hotel restaurants with a couple of consultants from the hospital in Toronto. Two of them (husband and wife) are from South Korea and we heard about the turmoil they saw in South Korea while at university in the 80s. I had no idea South Korea was ruled by a military dictatorship for a while after the war. I thought that was just North Korea’s deal.

The food was nice, though outrageously expensive for what it was. That’s hotel restaurants for you. Found out later that the hotel (Hotel del Coronado) has quite the history and played host to presidents, royalty and film stars. It’s also featured in Some Like It Hot. How cool is that?

Wednesday Glen went off to the conference for a little while and then we went to explore the city. We couldn’t come all this way and not have a look at the city. We walked down Orange Ave in Coronado, grabbed some food, and then boarded the ferry to take us across the river to the convention centre. I was very happy because on the short ride over we saw a seal swimming in the water.

From the convention centre, we walked into the Gaslamp Quarter, which looks old and Victorian, then checked out the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum. It’s a small museum, slightly underfunded, with a few displays about Chinese history and the Chinese in San Diego. There was a Chinese warlords bed there too and a bunch of pottery from different dynasties (stretching back to 200 BCE).

We then took the long walk through the city to Balboa Park, a 1200-acre park that’s filled with not only grass and trees but also a bunch of museums. It was a bit of a walk to get there, and it was a bit warm. My legs were tired by the time we arrived at the cultural centre.

We looked at the rose garden, then had a sit-down lunch. We looked at the stunning buildings, went into the botanical garden building, but decided against going into the museums. There were plenty to choose from but we weren’t feeling it.

We decided to catch the bus back as taxis were few and far between, and plus the cost was much less. We think we paid too much for the first bus, and then the second bus took an hour to get back across Coronado. Still it was much cheaper than a taxi ride.

Back at the hotel, I had a nap then we went to the beach, determined to at least try this Pacific Ocean. But it was freezing! We went to the pool instead and played with pool noodles. We had dinner down the road, which was a really disappointing meal but we’ve found somewhere else we can go tomorrow night.

What do you say, eh?

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