Stamping our gay card in the Castro

We slept in on Monday, catching up on some much needed shut-eye. I felt a bit more aligned to San Francisco hours then. We packed up our stuff and checked out of the hotel at 10am, then caught the rickety old tram down Market St to the Castro District for breakfast. Like Alcatraz, we could not visit San Francisco without going to the Castro. We’d lose our gay cards if we didn’t.

We had breakfast at a place called Squat and Gobble. The food was filling and it was nice to sit out on the sidewalk on this sunny day. After breakfast we walked, lugging our suitcases behind us, down Castro St, did a bit of shopping, had a look around and then, just as quickly as we’d gone in, we were out of the area and ascending hills in our search for a recommended Peruvian rotisserie chicken restaurant.

The Castro is no doubt livelier after dark but it was actually a pleasant area to be in. Much nicer than San Francisco city centre. It appears that the Castro is in a valley because we had to walk up a lot of steep hills to get to this chicken place. We even passed Chattanooga St, and a railway line running along it.

We were eventually blessed with some downhill streets, though these were just as step as on the way up. I’m writing this a day later and my ankles are still throbbing from the strain. We certainly got a lot of exercise in on this walk.

We found the chicken place. It was indeed tasty. We ate a lot (Glen almost to incapacitation phase) before walking the five blocks to the BART station, where we caught a train to the airport. Check-in was fine. We were punished for having a near-empty flight into San Francisco by being crammed into a completely full plane. We also were in separate rows right in the middle. Thankfully the flight was only an hour and a bit.

We landed in bright San Diego, wary of there being such warmth and sunshine. We caught a taxi across to the spit of land called Coronado where Glen’s conference is taking place. We checked into the Hotel del Coronado, a resort hotel that has various claims to fame because famous people have stayed here including presidents and Lucille Ball. It’s an old wooden Victorian hotel, designed so you don’t have to leave. The beach is right there, but there’s also a pool, restaurants, spa and gym.

After we checked into our suite, we had a look around, went for dinner at a pizza place on site and then came back to the room to watch The Devil Wears Prada. Such excitement saw us in bed by 10.

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