Farewell, Las Vegas

We lounged in the hotel room for a while. I woke up at about quarter to 7, which was much earlier than I would have liked. We eventually got up, dressed, packed, and went to find some breakfast. I wanted to see the wildlife habitat at Flamingo’s so we walked down the road to this hotel casino. We ate a pretty crappy breakfast in the food court there (not unsurprisingly) and then went and looked at the wildlife habitat.

Unless we missed something, it was mostly birds. There were shovelers and whistling ducks, and even a black swan, which made me feel…not exactly homesick but something for home. There was also a small flock of flamingoes. We looked, then we left and returned to the hotel.

We killed the last hour of our hotel stay in the room, then went downstairs for an early lunch at BLT. We both had salad. Glen had a milkshake. Cam joined us for a milkshake too, then saw us into the cab. The drive to the airport was quick and only a bit more than if we’d pre-booked the airport shuttle.

We checked in and got through security without any trouble. The flight is full so we’ve checked our carry-on at no cost. It’s less efficient for when we get off at the other end but at least this way we don’t have to stress about trying to fit our baggage in the overhead bins.

In five hours we’ll be back in Toronto. It will be night and –15°C. We’ve got work tomorrow and Friday. I’ve got a long online meeting in the evening until midnight tomorrow. We’ve decided against going skiing on Saturday, even though it’s one of only two that we can still go to. We’re going to watch Cam curling instead.

Our Vegas adventure has come to an end. I don’t have a burning desire to come back here, but if others were, I’m sure I could be convinced. I definitely want to see more of Utah and the Grand Canyon.

What do you say, eh?

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