Skiing Georgian Peaks

On Wednesday I went skiing with the North Toronto Ski Club at Georgian Peaks. So it was an early morning rise at 6:15am (ok, not that early for most people but it was for me), got ready and caught the subway up to York Mills. The bus arrived soon after and then a short two hours later we arrived.
Today was my first day skiing in level five. There were a lot of instructors so class sizes were small. I had Ken as my instructor and it was an excellent lesson. He went over pretty much the same things that I’ve been told by previous instructors (weight on the downhill ski, stance, upper-lower body separation and the like) but it seemed to come together a bit better today. After Saturday’s frustrating day I was a little concerned that Wednesday’s skiing was going to be hell.

We spent most of our time on the long green but that was fine as it meant I slowed down a bit and could focus on technique. Ken was pretty happy with the way I was skiing and I must say, I was too. No progression to the next level yet but it wasn’t expected. We finished the lesson with a blue and I had fun going fast down this steep slope. (Georgian Peaks has the highest altitude slopes out of all the clubs in the region.)

We finished at 12:15 and went back to the clubhouse for lunch. It was just as well as the clouds rolled in, blotting out the sun, and it was impossible to determine any definition in the snow on the hill. It was just flat and grey.

For lunch I ate chicken risotto and chicken vegetable casserole which I’d cooked the night before. They went down a treat. Didn’t stop me from buying a cookie.

After lunch, I went out for a few runs, warming up on the green then doing a couple of blues, but again the sun hid its face and I felt really uncertain going down the slopes. I also thought my technique was starting to come unstuck as I was overthinking things. Plus I was getting tired so I went in and packed up for the afternoon. It wasn’t all that disappointing as I’d had a good morning, and what with there being few people out there today and no queues at the chairlifts, we got in quite a few runs.

The ski bus left at 4:30 and we headed back to Toronto. It was well and truly dark by the time the bus arrived at York Mills, and it had snowed too. Got home at 7:30. Going to sleep well tonight.

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