Our first time tobogganing

Because of our late night, I stayed in bed until half eleven on Monday and only got up when it was time to get ready to go tobogganing — an event much discussed ever since it started to get cold. (It was a public holiday on Monday in Ontario.) We got ready, went downstairs and collected Julian and then went to Bec and Alastair’s. There was a bit of a delay as water was coming through the roof of the bathroom in their apartment. Once the concierge had been to investigate, they got ready and we went downstairs to Julian’s car.

Returning from the bottom of the hill
Returning from the bottom of the hill

We didn’t have to drive far. There’s a park called Riverdale Park just over the Don Valley Parkway and down Broadview. We were all rugged up in our ski gear and wearing plenty of warm layers. It was probably about -15°C but thankfully there was no wind or else it would have felt much colder.

We parked and discovered we weren’t the only ones who had the idea of going tobogganing on what was a beautiful clear winter’s day. Julian was our test dummy as he’s the Canadian and done this before, but once we saw how it was done (honestly, it’s not hard. You sit in the toboggan and try not to crack your head open), we were all zooming down the hill in a variety of permutations.

Sitting upright, on our stomachs, lying back, two-and-three to a toboggan, or one lying on top of the other. Bec and I managed to go the farthest using the red toboggans and sitting rigid and upright as we went down. The hill had a lot of bumps in it so the ride was jarring at times, and I screamed through most of the journey down with a high-pitched ‘eeeeeeeeeee’. We also had races which were a lot of fun, if at times a bit dangerous. I nearly clipped Alastair during one of them, missing him by a whisker before I zoomed down to the bottom. It was a hell of a lot of fun. The only downside: having to walk up the hill again. At least it kept us warm.

After about an hour, we called it quits and went to Rooster Coffee House to warm up and have a drink and some snacks. We then headed home.

Glen, Julian and I went for Korean BBQ down the road. Not my favourite, but Glen seemed to enjoy himself. I was started to fall asleep at the table and was happy to head home. Glen went off to work for a while, and Julian went and did errands.

I worked on a video of my trip to Newfoundland (see below) while finishing watching The Killing (not a bad ending) and started The Fall (a crime drama set in Belfast with Gillian Anderson). I’m going to miss Netflix when we go home.

(I’ll put together a video of us tobogganing eventually.(

2 Replies to “Our first time tobogganing”

  1. Do you know Billy Connolly’s bit about an upper-class twit going in to the dole office to claim the dole, and when asked what he was qualified to do, replied “I’m a tobogganist”? The clerk goes to see his boss, who looks out his window at the twit, and says, “He’s clearly got a speech impediment. Put down ‘tobacconist’ on his form” . . .


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