A birthday brunch and Above & Beyond

After Saturday’s skiing we were only to glad to have a sleep in on Sunday. I don’t think we woke up until about 9:30. It was heaven. We pottered around at home for a few hours and then went to the gym in the building with Julian. It was too cold to go outside of the apartment building unless absolutely necessary. And with a gym in the building, we could make do. It was a good workout, and the three of us had plenty of laughs taking slow-mo videos and flinging each others’ legs around doing some sort of abdominal exercise.

We eventually left the apartment at quarter to 1 to walk down the road to go to Smith for Bec’s birthday brunch. We were the first ones to arrive and had to wait for a table to become available and for everyone else to arrive. There were 12 of us in total, consisting of the usual suspects as well as Donna, who was visiting from Ireland and returning that afternoon.

The food wasn’t all that great. We’ve become progressively less satisfied with the brunch on offer at Smith so I don’t think we’ll bother going again. We ate food, caught up with people we hadn’t seen for a while such as Ur and Israel, Pete and Royden and Marcio and Eliano. I was still a bit worn out so wasn’t the most scintillating of company.

After lunch (I’ll never really get used to call a one o’clock meal on a weekend anything other than lunch, despite the Canadian penchant for dubbing it ‘brunch’ because it contains eggs), Julian and I went to Canadian Tire to buy toboggans for Monday. We bought three plastic ones, of two varieties, and they weren’t expensive either. We then went to buy some alcohol (I was stocking up for my birthday party this coming Saturday), and then stopped into a patisserie to buy some croissants. Just because. The guy behind the counter had an Aussie accent; he was from the Blue Mountains.

Once back home I went for a nap as we were going out that night to see Above & Beyond play at the Direct Energy Centre. Unlike back home where these events usually start around 10pm and go til 6am, this one started at 8pm and finished at 2am. It’s a bit of mind shift.

Julian, Glen and I left at about 8:30 and caught a taxi downtown. What with it being about -40°C (feels like), we didn’t want to brave public transport to get there. We arrived amidst a sea of people who, once they’d offered up their tickets and submitted to body searching, all joined a queue for the cloak check. It was massive, but luckily Glen found the queue to a second coat check with a much shorter line so we went then. Soon after everyone else followed and the line would have taken about an hour to get through.

Being in such a hideous queue, our minds fast-forwarded to the end of the night and we started planning our escape. We’d have to leave early to beat the cloak check queue, and then to get a taxi. Until then, however, we went and danced.

Lane8 was finishing off his set when we finally got to the dance area and bought some drinks. (It was an all-ages event so half the area was cordoned off for alcoholic drinks and the rest for all-ages dancing). Mat Zo came on next and was pretty good, a bit mixed at times, and then Above and Beyond started at 11:30. They played a lot of their own music, which was fine because I knew most of it and liked it.

I had a girl cracking on to me who then asked if she could get up on my shoulders. I scoffed, basically because I didn’t think it was safe or that I was strong enough, and said, ‘God no!’ She was shocked that a guy had turned her town. She and her friends ran away. I felt bad but then got over it.

At about 1am we decided it would be best to get our coats and we were all kind of over it. I was keen to hear ‘Sun and Moon’ and we were going to stay until we heard that but we didn’t have to wait long as once we got our coats, they played it. I danced, and once it finished, we left…and walked straight into an empty taxi. Absolute heaven! No waiting in the freezing cold for us. We were home by 1:30. Later, Julian heard that friends of his who stayed until the end didn’t get home until 3:30. I’m glad we left when we did.

What do you say, eh?

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