Valentine’s Day skiing

Up at 6:15 so we could skiing at Blue Mountain with the ski club. We picked up Julian at quarter to seven, got in the car, drove to York Mills and got on the bus.

It’s Bec’s birthday today so I was itching to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ on the bus but knew I’d be slaughtered if I started such a thing. We were a big join today. Apart from us, Bec and Al, and Julian, we had Umberto and Hassan, Donna and Sarah, and Doreinne and Rob (Glen works with D and she and Rob had never skied before so they did beginner lessons).

We were all a bit apprehensive about how cold it was going to be on the hill. It’s been bitterly cold in Toronto the past few days and Blue Mountain promised to be worse. It was snowing when we arrived and I was glad I’d put on long johns under my ski pants.

We rented skis then went out and joined a group for our lesson. Level four yet again. There was a plethora of instructors for level four so we had small groups. Julian, Glen and I went with an instructor called James, and then we added another member on the ski lift so we were four.

It was a tough lesson. Not at all enjoyable but very challenging. I was learning how to just turn my legs and not my body or my butt. Very difficult when that’s what you’ve been doing for a while. I was on the verge of packing it in but stuck with it and was starting to come good by the end of the lesson. The best news of the day though was being promoted in level five. Glen, Julian, Bec and I all got bumped up a level. Yay!

We went inside for lunch and staked a claim on a table and dragged over 12 chairs. The place was busy but we had our own on a group of kids who looked like they were about ready to go. We jumped in there and got it. I’d made chicken pie the night before at Glen’s request so we heated that up for a yummy lunch. Bec bought slice. We gave her her present. Umberto brought a cake and FINALLY we got to sing. And it was a quiet singing either. We were loud enough to attract other voices and clapping. I think Bec was secretly pleased, even if she did go red 🙂

Glen, Julian, Umberto and I went for a bit of a ski in the afternoon but we didn’t stay out long. The ski lifts kept stopping and starting so the queues were long and slow. Visibility was poor. We went down a blue run that was all moguls and I took a few tumbles. I think I’ve hurt my shoulder. After doing four runs, Glen, Julian and I went inside. Just about everyone else was there too.

So I wasn’t a very happy skier by the end of the day, not just because I didn’t get many runs in, but because by the end it felt like ALL my technique had come undone and I could barely get down the hill. I’m going again on Wednesday and I’m hoping I don’t have as hard a time of it then.

Once we got back to Toronto, Julian drove us and Bec and Al to Markham for dinner at a Chinese restaurant called Phoenix. Markham is THE place to go for good Asian food, something we haven’t found much of in downtown Toronto. We ordered a bunch of dishes, had a fun and good waitress, and proceeded to gorge ourselves. I liked the kuay teow best but the Hainan chicken rice was also good. We’ll probably go back.

In the car on the way home we checked the weather report. Tonight it’s meant to ‘feel like’ -42°C. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that cold. Glad I’m inside now.

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