A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night…and bores you to death

Today I had intended to go to City Hall to watch the Toronto City Council meeting, hoping to see a bust-up amongst the 44 councillors. I was going to go with Cam but in the morning he messaged me and said the whole thing would be streamed live so we decided not to be there in person. He watched from work, while I watched from home. It was a smart move. While it’s not exactly boring, there’s a lot of procedural stuff that causes one to snooze.

I’d forgotten that Rob Ford (the previous mayor) was still a councillor so when he stood up to do a bit of John Tory (current mayor) bashing, it was a bit of a surprise. Tory reminded Ford that ‘I won the election’ and that seemed to put him in his place for a while. It was perhaps the only zinger across the day. I watched a bit on transit planning and surveys, then had to stop as my computer was having a fit (doing that a lot lately) and then watched a small bit on school closures in the afternoon, once I got back from the gym.

I’ve seen it now. My interest has been satisfied. I’m hoping Glen and I can go watch the provincial parliament sometime soon. We haven’t yet been to the parliament building which is impressive and we seem to have developed a thing for seeing legislative buildings. The ones in this part of the world anyway.

Glen and I went out of the house tonight to see a movie called A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. It’s an Iranian black-and-white vampire western film. We’d seen a preview for it at the screening of Wild Tales and thought it looked good. It looked quirky, interesting, fun, but a little dark. We went down to Carlton Cinemas armed with our free movie tickets that we received at gay ski weekend, and settled into a packed cinema at 7:15pm, prepared to be amazed.

Two hours it went for. Two long interminable hours where we waited, desperately, for something, ANYTHING, to happen. It was full of these beautiful drawn out shots, all soulful and brooding, but the problem is NOTHING happened. Ok, a few things happened. A few people died. The woman (the vampire) was an interesting vampire who rode around on a skateboard and had a thing for copying others’ actions. Oh, and there was a rather well rounded cat in there too, which got most of the laughs.

Other than that? Don’t bother. We couldn’t wait for it to finish. Well, we did wait, right until the end, but you get what I’m saying. Glen and I joked that it wasn’t as bad as Sarah Prefers To Run (or Sarah Prefers To Bore You to Death as we’ve renamed it).

I’m going to see Paddington to wash out my brain.

After the movie we stopped in at the Japanese place next door and had food (though I didn’t finish mine as I wasn’t all that hungry) and then we walked home in the -8°C weather, kicking snow-rocks up the street. It was a pleasant date night.

What do you say, eh?

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