An anniversary party and an afternoon of board games

Sadly, on Saturday we didn’t go skiing to Blue Mountain with Bec and Alastair. Julian didn’t go either. Instead Glen and I took the opportunity to run a few errands about town, heading down to the Eaton Centre to buy some chocolates as gifts and then into Hudson Bay where Glen bought some shirts that were on sale.

In the afternoon, while Glen napped, I went to the Nespresso store with Julian. Glen had been getting to the dregs of his pod supply and the bag for used pods was pretty full and heavy. I dutifully wrote down the name and colours of the pods that were left on the countertop, except for the decaf ones, and set off to do my good deed.

When we got to the store, I chose what I thought would be the right pods, meanwhile Julian texted Glen, who woke out of his stupor to exclaim not to buy the ‘horrible green ones’. I’d bought four sleeves. Julian showed me the message but by then the transaction had gone through so I rang Glen to get this sorted. Out of the ten I’d bought, only four were acceptable so the others were returned and new ones purchased (which involved a mountain of paperwork). Julian had averted a divorce.

In the evening the three of us, along with our other neighbours went to Marcio and Eliano’s 4th wedding anniversary celebrations. They were hosting a party in their apartment. Plenty of drinks and an amazing spread of traditional Brazilian foods, most of which the guys had made, were displayed for our culinary pleasure. The stand-outs were a guava sponge cake and homemade chocolates.

We stayed for a couple of hours and had some great conversations (though rather embarrassingly didn’t get to talk to the hosts much at all). We left around 10:30 as Glen wasn’t feeling well, and the wine had hit me hard. In all though it was a pleasant day, especially as got to ‘go outside’. I’ve become a bit of a hermit of late.


On Sunday afternoon Glen and I went uptown to play board games with Kyno and Chevo who are avid boardgamers as well. They had a few of our favourites including the Europe expansion of Ticket to Ride, Bohnanza (the Bean Game) and Settlers of Catan. They also had Puerto Rico which they haven’t played yet but I’ve played on the iPad and still find it confusing.

Glen won Ticket to Ride, beating me by ten points. Chevo and I drew in Bohnanza. Chevo and I also won a game each of Pandemic: Contagion (one of the games we bought with us) and then Kyno won Settlers of Catan. It was a well balanced and fun afternoon and we left sometime around 5pm.

Back at home we spent the evening finishing off watching episodes of an Australia comedy called Upper Middle Bogan. It’s a fun show and is familiar Australian humour. Speaking of Australian, today was/is Australia Day. It’s passed largely unnoticed by us here apart from some photos of fireworks on Facebook and a moment yesterday when I was cooking and thinking we should have an Australian afternoon tea with damper, pavlova, lamingtons and Anzac biscuits. The moment passed.


Today has been productive. I got a bunch of errands and odd jobs sorted such as taking Glen’s pants to get repaired, depositing a cheque, buying eggs, returning a Spiderman shirt and replacing it with a Superman one, and doing various writing/work tasks. I’ve updated my editing website, and I even wrote two lots of a thousand words for unrelated stories. My next round of revisions arrived this evening so I’ll be working on them this week.

I also went back to the gym after a week off because of my back. It’s bizarre to think that I actually want to be there. Back today, chest tomorrow.

Oh and my new ergonomic keyboard and mouse arrived. I’m still getting used to it. Will see if it’s beneficial. I hope so. I’ve been modifying the angles on the keyboard to get it right but then something else starts to twinge. A work in progress.

What do you say, eh?

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