All work and no play…

This evening Glen and I went to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibition on at TIFF Bell Lightbox. It’s been on for months and closes on Sunday; nothing like leaving it to the last minute! Glen’s usually too tired to do things in the evening after work, especially on a Friday, but he surprised me with a phone call at 5:30 asking me to meet him at the exhibition.

I got dressed and left the house, stupidly wearing only a thin down jacket because the day had been relatively warm. I regretted my decision by the time I got to the back gate but reasoned that I could suffer through it. When I arrived at TIFF, Glen was standing outside holding his large winter coat over his arm. He’d walked down from work and was hot. He gallantly offered me his coat.

We were going to get dinner first but decided to queue for tickets as it’s a timed-access exhibition. It looked like the only available time was at 9pm (a 3 hour wait) but when we asked at the front about tickets, two became available for 6:30 which we snapped up. We got a snack at the candy bar before lining up to enter at 6:30.

I’ve never seen a Stanley Kubrick film, this is despite their iconic nature. My knowledge of his films comes down to a handful of Simpsons references (Bart’s Clockwork Orange costume, Homer riding the bomb, The Shining episode of course, Ralph saying “Red Room”) and from the Peter Seller’s biopic with Geoffrey Rush. A more in-depth knowledge of the films would have helped for sure.

The exhibition went through each of his films, showing film stills, a few props, some other ephemera and a single interpretive sign with a minor amount of information on what the film was about – or the controversy it caused. This lack, combined with a very confined space that was packed with people and a guided tour group, didn’t endear me to the exhibition; the David Cronenberg one was MUCH better. We finished the exhibition in 30 minutes, took a few photos, then went upstairs to see the side exhibition of the films he didn’t get to make.

We then realised we missed seeing part of the exhibition downstairs (related to 2001: Space Odyssey) so got let back in, saw ‘Hal’ which we kept referring to as Dave because Hal says ‘Hello, Dave,’ and then got back out. We’ve seen it now, and mildly intrigued about watching some of the films now (many decades late).

We couldn’t decide on anywhere to eat, walked up to Spadina, then decided not to eat out. We caught the streetcar up to Spadina. When we got off, guards were checking transfers and metrocards, which was the first I’d ever seen happen in the 18 months we’ve been here. Subway home, cooked a simple dinner of chicken and rice, and then settled in to watch Hairspray. Not a bad end for an otherwise relatively busy day.

Haircut, Yoga, Websites

I had my haircut this morning. The hairdresser is working hard to keep the front of my hair long while shaving the sides and shaping the back. It looks good. It needs work though and usually I just wash and dry it in the morning (or rather it dries itself as it appears to be waterproof) and don’t do anything to it. I suppose I don’t go anywhere that there’s not much point. Hmmm. Am I letting myself go?

I went to a yoga class at Goodlife at 1pm. I’m hoping to get a bit of more flexible (what with the back pain I’ve been having, and then I went to the physio yesterday and she gave me some stretches to do. It was a busy class, quite full. I haven’t done yoga for a few years when Glen and I went once a week to an ashtanga class in Leederville. I’m not very good at yoga. I’m inflexible and my hamstrings are tight; however, I did feel relatively stable considering it’s been years since I’ve done it. The class seemed to drag forever. Halfway through the time I was already wondering when it would end. It was exhausting. The last fifteen minutes were a bit more relaxed.

I’ve also been working on websites a lot this week. I’ve rebuilt my author website (though there’s a small problem in getting it to show up on mobile devices); I’ve just finished and uploaded another author’s site, and halfway through doing another one. While building them can be frustrating, when I figure out how a bit of code is working and then crack a problem, I really feel like I’ve accomplished something. It’s like solving a tricky puzzle.

No skiing tomorrow, which is probably wise because my back has a few twinges still. I hope it’s better for the following week. I want to ski!

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