A bad back, lots of Netflix, and a trip to Las Vegas

Sunday was spent lying down because of my bad back. Glen attended me, which was lovely, and made lunch and brought me bottles of water while I lay on the couch watching Netflix. I got through the French film, The Intouchables, (the third time I’ve seen it), followed by the TV series, The Killing. I got through 11 episodes in one day. It was hard going. Then Glen and I watched some of Call the Midwife. I hope I don’t have another day like it again. Too much TV watching is not my idea of fun.

I woke up Monday morning feeling a bit better and more mobile. There was still a twinge but greatly reduced from what it was. I was still a little crooked but able to get on and do some work. I worked on the revisions to my book. I’d completed one lot and sent them off on Friday, but there’s more I want to do so I’m working on them while my editor goes through what I sent her. I also worked on a magazine and a website, and then went off for a massage.

The massage was part-torture, part-relaxation. My back, of course, wasn’t feeling the best and there were plenty of tender bits, including where I seem to have got a bit of my diaphragm twisted and caught on a rib. Also realised why I hurt my back at skiing, which just annoyed me because I’m not sure how to stop it from happening again. I don’t like sport so to find I really enjoy skiing is a miracle. But to find it can injure me when I do very little is disheartening. I’ve also been told not to go back to the gym until my back has righted itself, and after that to go slow and work on core and back extensions. BORING! Seems like every time I make some progress, I’m pushed back again.

In the evening I met Glen for dinner at Salad King, a Thai restaurant done in a similar style to Wagamama. It was nice to go out for dinner just the two of us and also to like the food we bought. We then came home and booked flights and accommodation to Las Vegas for the end of February/start of March for a few days. Cam and Vincent are going and were keen for us to come along. Glen’s very excited to see Antelope Canyon, as am I.

While it’s still Monday here, it’s Tuesday in Perth which makes it the fourth anniversary since Mum passed away. I’m trying not to think about it right now as I’d like to get some sleep.

What do you say, eh?

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