Cold versus hot

We woke up this morning to our Facebook feeds full of people back home talking about the heat in Perth. 44.4°C! I think I withered from the very thought of it. The highest temperature we reached in Toronto today was about –6°C; it was so cold outside that my teeth hurt. The contrast could not have been more stark. And now I’ve heard it’s about 40°C in Perth now (Tuesday). Honestly, I don’t miss it.

Glen was up and to the gym early this morning. I got up too but took things a lot slower. I had a quiet morning and edited 10 chapters of my book; only another 50 or so to go. It’s going well. I’m confident I’ll get it done by the deadline, even though I’m making some biggish changes. I had time to go to the gym in the afternoon and think my chest is going to be in severe pain tomorrow (or Wednesday). There’s something to look forward to.

Apart from a 15-minute dip in the hot-tub with Julian this evening, Glen and I spent the night at home (what a surprise!). I cooked chicken and leek (and mushroom) risotto, and nearly died when Glen had a second helping. We then settled in to watch Pride, an English film based on the true story of a group of gays and lesbians raising money to help striking miners in Wales in the 1980s. Pete and Royden recommended it when I popped by after work (their work, not mine. I don’t work hehe).

A brilliant movie with some laughs but also a lot of tears. Overall it’s a feel good film, but it was easy to identify with what the gays and lesbians in particular were going through at that time. Fun fact: because of that group’s support of the miners, the Labour Party (UK) adopted gay and lesbian rights into its manifesto because of the voting support of the Welshminers Union.

If you get the chance, watch the film.

What do you say, eh?

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