Boxing Day and Donna’s Departure

Glen and I went to buy new shoes down the road as the sales had started on Boxing Day. We only went to one shop, which was thankfully not part of the rest of the insanity that had gripped the city. So many people desperate to get bargains on things they don’t need. Glen and I bought new sneakers; same style, same colour. Then he went off to work.

Donna went off to Niagara Falls with her friend so I went with Julian to look for a ski helmet for Glen. He’d seen one he liked but it wasn’t on sale. Unfortunately it still wasn’t on sale when I went. The streets were very busy with people — many of them walking well below the speed limit. We went into a couple of other shops very briefly, but I couldn’t wait to get back home and lock myself inside. (Julian went and queued at 6am to buy some things from a shop in the Eaton Centre. The very thought of it makes me hyperventilate.)

In the afternoon, we went to the gym, I did a few things at home when I got back. Donna returned at about 5:30 and we settled down to watch a few episodes of Black Books, then the rest of The Addams Family. We then went to play a few rounds of Sushi Go with Bec and Alastair. Later we turned on The Full Monty, reminiscing over one of Mum’s favourite movies. Glen came home about 10:30pm. Donna was all packed and ready for her flight to Chicago in the morning.

Bye, Bye Donna

Donna’s flight to Chicago left at 8am, which meant getting to the airport about 6:30. Julian very kindly lent me his car so we could drop Donna off. Thankfully she was leaving from the downtown airport so it only took 15 minutes to get there. There were no tears as we said goodbye, but there were big hugs. It didn’t feel like she was leaving, rather that she was just going on holiday and I’d see her back in Toronto soon. In reality, it’ll be six months before I see her again (six months that, sadly, will just fly by).

We got back to the apartment, and Glen asked ‘whose shoes are these?’ Donna had left some heels behind but when I contacted her she said not to worry about bringing them down. We’ll take them back with us. Glen and I went back to bed for a while.

When we got up again, we went to Smith for brunch with Julian, looked in the clothing store next door, then went home and packed for Puerto Rico. In the afternoon, the three of us went to the gym, then came home, and napped before going to Ur and Israel’s for drinks and games. The new games didn’t go down so well with the guys so we only went through each one once. But by then it was about 10:30 or so so we headed home and then went to a nightclub with Adam and Kevin until 3.

What do you say, eh?

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