Adios, Puerto Rico

I had another terrible night’s sleep, probably getting only about five hours overall. We were up by 8, packed, and then Glen and I went for breakfast. The others went to the beach, but soon after we sat down for our meal, the heavens opened and they were forced to abandon their last attempt at sun, surf and sand. The food, once again, wasn’t that great.

We checked out of our rooms but with a few hours still to spare until we had to be at the airport, we settled in the common area. I read my book a little more before we played another game of Contagion, and then dragged our luggage down to Di Parma for lunch. The rain had stopped by then and the sky was a brilliant blue. There was a nice breeze rolling in off the ocean too, making lunch very pleasant (except for the hair Julian found in his salad).

At 1, we caught a taxi to the airport (the taxis have been great as most journeys are flat rate and there has been reasonable similarities between them. Our return journey to the airport cost $21, as opposed to $22 on the way out.), checked in, went through security, and waited at the gate for boarding.

Our flight was full so the airline was asking if anyone wanted to stay behind for a later flight and receive a $300 travel voucher. I was sorely tempted to but as I’d then miss my connecting flight and wouldn’t get into Toronto until the next day (though it would have given me the opportunity to explore a bit of Miami), I didn’t offer myself as a sacrifice. Glen also wouldn’t have been pleased.

Our flight left a little late so we were late coming into Miami. I finished my history of swearing book, and really enjoyed it. Highly recommended. Sections even had me laughing out loud. When we landed we had to wait an hour on the tarmac for a gate to open up. Thankfully our flight to Toronto was also delayed by an hour or so, which meant we had time to get all the way across the airport and through security without having to rush. We even had time for a spot of dinner.

Our flight to Toronto left at 10:15 (about 20 minutes later than the delayed start time) though landed only half an hour after our original scheduled landing time. We got through border control pretty quickly, but unfortunately Glen’s and my luggage didn’t arrive with us so that added further delay. We left our details. They’ll deliver it when/if it arrives.

Julian’s brother arrived shortly afterwards and we went back to his place so Julian could drop him off and then drive us home. By that time of the evening (early morning), I don’t even think we could have caught a train/bus at that time. It definitely saved us freezing our butts off and saved us a hefty taxi fair. We were all very grateful to be able to get home with ease and in comfort, and stumble into our beds all the sooner.

And so ended another great holiday.

What do you say, eh?

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