Quebec City, Here We Come

Glen left for work at 7:30 on Monday morning, then Donna and I got up and packed our suitcases for our flight to Quebec City. I packed my skates and some clothes, surprised to find I had enough room for everything. Unfortunately I also packed Donna’s laptop charger instead of my own, and hers doesn’t work with mine. Oh well.

Watching Donna pack, I realised how annoying it must be to be a girl who just wants to travel light. All your make-up and toiletries has to be in 100ml tubes or smaller, and if they’re not, you have to check the luggage. What a pain. Meanwhile, I’m allowed to take ice skates in my hand luggage.

We caught the subway down to Union, then the shuttle to the airport, then the ferry across the water. Donna had to pay for her luggage so that took up some time, but we made it through security and into the lounge with enough time to get some peanuts and a drink. I love the Porter lounge.

The flight to Quebec City was half-full. I moved seats across the aisle after we’d taken off and then dozed in and out on the hour and a half journey. We landed at 12:30 and caught a taxi to the youth hostel in Old Quebec. It was the same one Glen and I stayed in in August 2013. It’s incredibly convenient to the sites in the old town, comfortable, warm, and cheap.

We checked in and dumped our luggage in our room (we had bunks) and went in search of lunch. We headed down rue St Jean away from the old city, and had a very nice lunch in a cafe some distance away (we were just about to turn around when we spotted in). For some reason I don’t feel as intimidated by everyone speaking French as much as before. My québécois hasn’t improved, I’m just not bothered by it.

After lunch, we walked back into the city, past Notre Dame, up to Chateau Frontenac, then down into the waterfront old town area. Quebec City is incredibly quiet. There are hardly any people here. I don’t know how any of the shops stay open outside the summer. On the flipside, the artisan area is very pretty right now with its Christmas lights.

It got dark quickly so we went back to the hostel, I collected my skates and we went to the rink at Place d’Youville. Donna hired some skates and we hit the ice. There w ere only about ten other people there and it was a beautiful spot. The theatres around that area were all lit for Christmas, there was music and skating in view of the old walls was pretty special. Some great skaters were on the ice, in particular one girl who looked so cool just skating around. Donna and I stayed for a while, confident enough to do our talking while skating, like we’d seen two older women do in Toronto.

After skating, we had kebabs at a local kebab shop near the hostel, then went back inside. We were in bed by 8:30 as I was barely able to keep my eyes open. Another great day ended, and an excellent start to our sibling sojourn.

What do you say, eh?

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