The storm before the storm

Apart from going to cheerleading on Saturday night, the weekend was consumed with getting my book finished and submitted. I’m happy to say that at about 7pm I sent it winging across to Australia to my publisher…only to receive an out-of-office message. I could have had another day! But by that stage my brain was well and truly fried and the thought of doing anymore work on it at that stage was going to make me cry. I had crit notes from Nikki but anything other than a quick fix made my eyes twitch. Now that it’s with the publisher, there’ll be a little time to wait before I get word on if it’s accepted, and if it is, how much work is going to have to be done on it. There are things already that I want to change. Bring on revisions!

With the book out the way I could get onto some of the work that was piling up. I finished the Romance Writers of Australia magazine layout, completed editing a government report for a client, wrote text for a new sign for an interpretation project I’d been contracted for, and then sifted through the many and varied emails that had come in over the past couple of weeks. Monday was an exceptionally productive day, made better by going to the gym. Glen was on-call so it was a quiet evening at home alone.

Tuesday was much the same, as was Wednesday. Glen bought new suitcases from Hudson’s Bay as they were on sale and we need extra luggage to get as much of our stuff back home as possible. They’re red and blue. They’re very nice, and he saved about $800 all up (while spending about $270 but we won’t talk about that). I went to the chiropractor at lunchtime, came home, did some more work, went to the gym, and then in the evening did some baking for Christmas stuff. I made Sienna cake, which isn’t as rich as I’ve made it before but is still delicious, and then some ginger cookies which Glen appears to like. I should also mention that Julian bought me a packet of English Jaffa cakes. I have to ration them.

Today (Thursday) has been busy for a different reason, and has actually been a bit of a pamper day. I went to get my haircut in the morning, paying vastly more than I usually pay for haircuts. It looks ok. It’s a bit different from what I normally get but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I also went to buy some Christmas presents, and then went for 75-minute massage. It was a good massage, working through some of the nasty tension points in my shoulders and calves. I don’t much like relaxation massages anyway. I didn’t go to the gym, because the masseur said not to (YAY), and so I came home, and did some more work. I’ve got to go buy some ink tonight so I can make an insurance claim for the massage session.

Donna arrives tomorrow afternoon. Can’t wait.

4 thoughts on “The storm before the storm

  1. Hi Dan,
    Have a look into air freight to bring your things back home. When we were expats we did it every year. You can box your things and do an inventory, they collect from you and deliver to your home address. Or they can pack for you, more expensive but hard to find boxes when we were doing it. It was a removal company we used, try looking at those or Google air freight. Doesn’t matter how small or big, worth the money and hassle of expensive excess luggage, not to mention the arguments of what’s staying or going. It’s easy honest, worth looking into.
    Jane x


    1. Thanks Jane. I’ll see how much we’re actually going to have by then. We’re going business class so we get a bit more weight – but probably still won’t be enough. Will keep what you’ve said in mind 🙂



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