Returning to Toronto

Julian and I were awake, dressed and in a cab by 5:30am on Monday morning. Neither of us had had much sleep, and being awake at 5am is very few people’s idea of fun (unless you’re coming at it from the other side). The taxi ride to LaGuardia airport was comfortable and sadly a little too quick. It would have been nice to get some extra sleep.

We checked in and went through security with no problems, bought some Duty Free alcohol, and then had breakfast at Le Bon Pain (The Good Bread, not The Good Pain. That’s another shop entirely). We boarded at 7:30. Julian was asleep before the plane took off. Poor guy. He had to go to work when we landed, whereas I had the option of going to bed.

The flight was quicker than scheduled, and as we both slept for part of it, we were in Toronto before we knew it. Julian’s dad picked us up, we dropped him home, then went to Julian’s work. He staggered off to do a full day at the pharmacy (actually arriving on time, rather than the hour late he thought he’d be), and then I drove his car back to our condo.

By then it was about 10:30. I unpacked, put the washing on, and fought the urge to go to bed. Instead, I continued editing my book. I baulked a bit when I figured out I needed to edit 8000 words for the next seven days in order to reach my submission deadline of 7 December. Still, I got on with it. By the end of the day, I came in about a thousand words short of my target. Not ideal, as I’d just have to make it up the next day, but not bad for such little sleep.

I then went to the shops as there was little edible food in the fridge, and bought things to make Thai chicken curry, the one Glen doesn’t like. As he was in Chicago, I didn’t have to watch him turn up his nose at it. However, I would have gladly suffered that if he were home. It sounded like he was having too much fun in Chicago without me.

The curry turned out great and I had enough leftover to give to Julian so he didn’t have to cook. Glen might not like it, but Julian did. I just blame Glen’s bad tastebuds.

In the evening I worked on putting together the magazine for the romance writers association, and then sat up watching some tv for a little while before collapsing, exhausted, into bed.

What do you say, eh?

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