The Met, Alice in Wonderland and noodles

We woke up on Black Friday morning feeling a little worse for wear, or I did at any rate. Julian and Nat also didn’t bound out of bed in the small hours to go to Times Square to watch a filming of Good Morning, America. We slowly made plans to meet at Cafe Orlin. We had thought of going to the Russian Tea Rooms for breakfast but the price was too expensive, too far uptown, and unlikely to have any places available. Instead, we ordered up a storm at Cafe Orlin.

Glen, Nat and I had egg white omelettes with tomato and basil, while Julian had a breakfast sandwich. There was also a side of chicken sausages (that were a bit dry) and a side of pumpkin pancakes. Perhaps needless to say, we all left feeling a bit bloated.

The Met

Recharged with enough food to last at least an hour, we caught the subway up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was heaving with people. After going the wrong way for a while (through Ancient Egypt), Julian asked for directions to the Assyria to Iberia exhibition and we were set right. Glen and I both knew we probably had about an hour’s worth of attention span in us before we wanted to leave.

We found a Cubism exhibition featuring Picasso, Braque, Gris and Leger, and there were some beautiful pieces in there. The exhibition then took us into a sculpture hallway where there was a really impressive sculpture of Perseus and Medusa, which was pretty popular. We looked at some Faberge eggs, went to the loo, walked through a bit of Sudanese Africa, before going upstairs and into the Assyria to Iberia exhibition. Some of the pieces we’d seen before at the Mesopotamia exhibition at the ROM earlier this year or late last year.

I really liked the perspective this exhibition proffered in that there was a lot of cross-cultural exchange going on across the Mediterranean and that things weren’t as isolated as we all expect. It just goes to show that no known culture exists in a vacuum and that we are all the product of these exchanges (just look at our alphabet).

Once we reached the end of the exhibition, we had reached the end of our attention span as well, and so we left. We wandered down through Central Park, trying to find a bridge that we never located. Instead we found the Alice in Wonderland sculpture and climbed over that to have some photos taken. We also heard an ensemble singing Christmas carols in a bridge area that I think is featured in the movie Ransom. There were also some breakdancers.

In search of a place to rest our feet

We then traipsed across town to find a cafe called Serendipity, which is featured in a movie. There was a line so we went into Dylan’s Candy Bar instead, which smelled awful with all the sugar. By this stage we were all dying on our feet so we went into Juan Valdez Cafe, had some drinks and a couple of croissants, and all looked a little worse for wear. You know how you feel when you’re just exhausted. We were all like that, and as such had that look on our faces where were quite done with each other’s company. Not because we don’t like one another but simply because we had run out of energy to be present any longer.

Once we’d warmed up, we caught the Subway, big farewell to Nat, then caught another line down to 14th St and went back to Aaron’s for another nap.

We woke at about 6, reasonably refreshed and in need of food. Glen found a place called Noodle Bar, which wasn’t too far away, so we walked there and got a table straight away. Our eyes were a little bigger than our stomachs so we ordered a lot of food – two appetisers, a side, and three big bowls of noodles. The food was really tasty and reminded Glen and I of good curries and noodles from back in Perth. The Pad Thai was great too, not gluggy at all like the ones in Toronto.

We then waddled out of there with straining stomachs and stopped in at a shop to buy a new messenger bag (Glen) and a wallet (me) with some interesting artwork on them. Then, because we could, we went to Pasticceria Rocco and bought a few (small) pastries. Back at Aaron’s we sat to digest more of our food and to warm up (thankfully Aaron had a very warm jacket in his cupboard that I borrowed, annoyed with myself for not checking two days ago). We had planned on going out again but the combination of a busy day, lots of food, and trying to warm up on the sofa, as well as episodes of Veep scuppered those plans. We stayed in, Julian leaving at about 11pm and Glen and I heading off to bed.

What do you say, eh?

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