A successful Sunday roast

Sunday dinner at our place went really well. I’d prepared a couple of roast chickens, with carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes. It all came out great…except for the fact that I’d cooked the chickens upside down and had put the seasoning on the birds’ undersides instead of the top. Rookie error. Still, everything got eaten and there were many compliments.

With the stress of making sure everyone was fed out of the way, I was able to enjoy the evening with our neighbours. It really is something special to have a group of friends living so close who can just pop in for dinner. I’m going to miss it. I know back home we don’t really all live that far from each other, but 20 minutes in the car (or even to my shame, 10 for some) seems like the other side of the country. I’ll have to fix that when we go home.

We also booked our Puerto Rico flights last night, as did Julian, and Bec and Alastair booked theirs today. I’m really looking forward to this trip now. It’ll be my first time in the Caribbean, and I hope we see the bioluminescence bays. Before that though, there’s a bunch of other travel happening. I leave for New York tomorrow night, Glen joins me on Wednesday. My sister arrives in New York on Sunday and then comes to Toronto in December. We’re then off for a week to Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa.

Then it’s Christmas. Where the hell did 2014 go?

Today I worked on my book, going through more chapters and tidying them up. I’m beginning to lose perspective now, and I just want to submit it. But I can’t. I must make it as clean as possible to save myself from getting major revisions back from the publisher (and therefore protecting my self-esteem).

It also seems my prayers for more work (actually, more money is what I asked for, the work is unfortunately just how it’s going to be gained) have been answered. A client who had gone quiet has now resurfaced with an offer of more work. I need to build a website for someone else. I’ve quoted on another job, developing a few other things, and have been asked about doing some research for an interpretation project. I hope it doesn’t all want to be done in December.

It’s been extremely windy in Toronto today, and up on our floor it seems especially bad. Glen had to abandon his cycle ride home because it was that forceful

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