Let it snow (and our wedding video)

Yes, I’ve seen snow, and true, it has already snowed this past month, but today it came down like nobody’s business. Very grateful we’re not living in Buffalo as they’ve had 6 feet of snow (with more on the way) and there have been at least seven snow-related deaths. In Toronto it came floating, actually, not floating, more like shooting sideways most of the day, and quite heavily too. By the evening there was a thick blanket covering the sidewalks.

I spent the morning inside, working on my book. I had a bit of panic last night while I was trying to get to sleep. I wasn’t sure the ending I had planned was going to work. I turned it over a few times in my head, then worked out something else, wrote it down in my iPhone and then went to bed. This morning I read my notes, figured they made sense, and decided to go with the new direction. I plodded along, words were coming out ok, but it wasn’t until I was working on a chapter this evening that I really got excited about what was happening. I’m going to push myself to see if I can finish it tomorrow. If not, there’s Friday, and then it should be done. Coincidentally I got an email from my publisher asking when it would be ready because they want to schedule the book in May (my original date) as opposed to later in the year. This all hinges on me sending them something workable by 7 December. Easy peasy, right?

I had a chiropractor appointment in midtown today. Went well. My back feels a lot better. My fingers froze as I tried to read an ebook on my phone while waiting for the bus. I had to stop reading it was so cold. I went to the gym in the afternoon. In the evening I made a disastrous soup that had to be thrown out because it looked and tasted horrible. Can’t win ’em all. Glen went to do some extra work at the hospital, came home, and then we went for pizza with Julian. The best part? Having a snowball fight along the way. We only got to do it once last year. Hopefully we’ll do it more than once this year too.

Julian and I then investigated holiday options for New Year’s Eve. Cuba was on the cards, but then we took it off as we couldn’t get a two-room place, or book two rooms for three people. So we looked into Fort Lauderdale. Everything was looking great. I remembered you could go snorkelling with manatees so I was keen to go. Then there are the Everglades to check out, some fun parties for New Year’s and a beach. We found a place to stay but then investigated flights and they were some ridiculous cost (about $1800). Bang went that plan. We couldn’t find anything reasonable, even if we left from Buffalo or flew into other cities in Florida. Stupid time of year to fly, I know, but come on. That price is beyond belief. Who’d pay that?

So now we’re going to look at Cuba again and we’ll see if there’s a way they can give us a room for one. Otherwise we might just have to stay in Toronto for the week of New Year’s. Seems a bit of a waste of annual leave to be honest.

Oh, and here’s the video from our wedding:

2 thoughts on “Let it snow (and our wedding video)

  1. Congratulations to you both. Thankyou for putting the video on for everyone to see., what a lovely ceramony especially when you jumped the gun with the first kiss Dan. You both looked so happy, if not a little frozen. So happy for you both. Xx


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