A revolving door of visitors

Sophia and Katelyn killing time

Me, Sophia and KatelynOn Monday we played host to Sophia and Katelyn after their return from Quebec City and before their late flight to Hong Kong. Glen took the day off sick, a rarity for him but much needed. Sophia and Katelyn arrived in the early afternoon, hung around for a bit, and then went out exploring while Glen had a nap and I went to the gym.

In the evening we had roast vegetables and chicken at home. Katelyn sat transfixed, watching My Little Pony on Netflix for a few hours while Sophia, Glen and I got to catch up on everything. Having this one-on-one time was great, but also made me realise how rare it was during the wedding and how nice it would have been to have more time to talk to everyone without needing to move on to the next person. Can’t have everything though and at least Sophia and I had Monday. They left at about 10pm to get their 1am flight. Katelyn probably fell asleep in the taxi on the way.

My mother-in-law and aunt-in-law return

Glen’s mum and aunt returned from Seattle in the evening on Tuesday. This gave me time in the morning to catch up on emails, edit a bit of my book (which is massively overdue now) and do a couple of other things. Glen had wanted to go to Buca, the very nice Italian restaurant on King St W, for dinner but we opted for Indian buffet over the road because of the price.

The next day I went to help Dave out with his baby Josh while they were at a rental tribunal thing. I got baby cuddles for a couple of hours, and he was really well behaved. I got to see the nasty side of the landlord/renter relationship when things go wrong. There were no punch-ups but it’s not a very nice environment. After that, I went home, hung out with Christine and Gaye for a bit, and then went with Christine to get a pedicure as there were still a few hours to go before they had to leave for the airport. Glen joined us a little later after he’d finished work and we had an early dinner over the road at the food court.

Christine and Gaye left at 5:30, bundling into an airport limousine. We closed the door on them and the next second later Fiamma arrived back from her journey to Montreal and Quebec City. She checked into the guest suite in our building and then we had dinner up at our place and hung out for a little while before bidding each other goodnight.

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