Family farewells on Saturday

Christine and Gaye came up to our apartment early on Saturday morning to drop off the bulk of their luggage before catching a flight to Seattle. Dad came up too for a little while, but I stayed in bed, managing to fall back to sleep for a while, much to Glen’s annoyance.

Dad and Helen returned around 11am after they’d checked out of the guest suite, and then we decided to visit Nadege, a patisserie next to Trinity Bellwoods that Anna recommended to us a while ago. It was a bit of a dreary day so we caught a taxi so we could avoid the rain and also get fed quicker. We ordered sandwiches and pastries, along with some drinks. I messaged Anna to say we were at her favourite place and she texted back “I’m 10 minutes away!” so we got to see her as well. She also gave us a recommendation for a coffee shop on Ossington as Dad has been hanging out for a good coffee in Toronto.

We walked through Trinity Bellwoods, which was looking very pretty with all the coloured leaves littering the ground. I should point out that it was actually cold enough for us to be wearing our Canada Goose/Nobis jackets, as well as scarves, beanies/ear muffs and gloves.

We stopped in for coffee/cider/hot chocolate/hot water at Crafted on Ossington Avenue, its coffee getting the nod from nod. From there we walked up to Little Italy and stopped into Caffe Diplomatico for a late lunch. I’m glad we went through Little Italy as I’ve not had the chance before, and now that I’ve seen it, I don’t think I need to go again. Perhaps if someone has a recommendation?

After that it was a long walk back to our neighbourhood, going through the very picturesque University of Toronto. I took Dad and Helen up to The Bay so he could buy a set of the ear muffs Glen and I have. They should come in handy when he goes cycling, though hopefully he’ll still be able to hear the cars.

We chilled out at home for a while, Dad and Helen availing themselves of the hot tub downstairs. They were then collected from the apartment at 8pm and taken to the airport. It was a rather quick goodbye on the side of the road. I’m glad they both made it over for the wedding. They’re now on their way to Medan for another one.

What do you say, eh?

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