Booking our return flights home

Sunday was definitely not a day of rest. We went for brunch with Bec, Alastair and Vicki down at Smith on Church St. We got there at the right time as the tables quickly filled up (and when we left there was a queue). We ordered coffees and teas and hot chocolates, then some food. We caught up on various things, having not had a good opportunity to talk to Vicki much over the past week.

In the afternoon I went to Julian’s to look at options for our Cuba holiday at New Year’s. We think we’ve found one. Glen came down to join us too, and I think he likes what we’ve chosen but I’ve told him to do some of his own investigating. Donna might also be coming so she’s going to look at it as well. With any luck, we’ve found the right place for what we want and we can book it.

Glen and I then went to Dave and Antony’s, briefly seeing Antony and Josh before they went to meet Vicki for coffee. Glen and I needed Dave’s knowledge in booking return flights to Australia for next year. Our dreams of going home first class on points were dashed as there were no award flights available in July 2015 that we wanted to use. Instead we found business class flights (which I booked the following day).


We leave here on Monday 6 July, spend a couple of nights in Chicago, then fly through Hong Kong to arrive in Perth on 10 July.

Now that’s booked, let’s not talk about it again until those dates arrive.

Happy HalloweenWhile at Dave’s Glen also tried on Antony’s Halloween costume. Isn’t it great?

We left at about 5 to get back to the condo so we could go to dinner at Bec and Alastair’s. They cooked a roast and had invited the neighbours (Julian, Royden and Pete), as well as Anna. Vicki was staying with them so it was quite a good party.

We talked about the usual things: how brunch in Australia isn’t the same as brunch in Canada, the wonderful taste of Vegemite, bogans, the differences in language and accents (here Vicki doesn’t have an accent because she sounds American), and then whatever else came to mind. We had lots of fun. The food was great too, and the evening may have engendered a regular roast night (provided our schedules align).

What do you say, eh?

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