A subdued Halloween in Toronto

Christine's jack-o-lanternIt rained on Halloween, like last year. The parental units arrived sometime in the morning to tap into our wifi. It was really bizarre to see the oldies all looking at their devices. The apartment was very quiet. Despite it being Halloween, we didn’t really have any plans. We didn’t even get around to carving our pumpkins, however, Christine did one of them. She even used a drill.

In the evening we went over the road for dinner at Lola’s with Helen, Dad and Christine. I grossed Glen out by eating a truffle-infused quinoa risotto. I couldn’t even smell the truffles but he could and spurned me for most of the night. Whatever. My food was tasty. Glen’s order got mixed up and instead of a roasted beet salad with fried tofu, he had a fried tofu burger with sweet potato crisps. He didn’t go hungry though as he had some of his mum’s ribs.

Ready made costumeAfterwards we went to the theatre room to join Pete, Royden and Alastair as they watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. Christine went to bed, but Dad and Helen remained behind. In fact, they lasted longer than I did as I went to bed sometime in the middle of Hocus Pocus at around 11pm. Pete had done a great job though of decorating the room and providing movie snacks. Such a great idea. We should do it more often.

What do you say, eh?

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