A family gathering

Sunday morning was a write-off. I woke up feeling ok, no hangover, thank God, but I was very tired. I think I managed to stay in bed until about 11am, Glen having already gotten up and done things. I took the rest of the day easy. Glen went to collect his new, correct wedding ring from the jewellers with Julian. I think they also went shopping. I stayed home, probably finishing off a few more wedding things.

When they got back we went for a late lunch at Oja. We got home about 4:30pm, my cousin Fiamma arrived and then Glen and I called our wedding photographer to go over the final few details. All was looking good. Shortly after, more family arrived. The night before we’d arranged for them to come by our place and then we’d go find some food.

In the end it was us, Fiamma, Dad and Helen, Miriam and Peter (who’d both worked with my mum back in the day and remained friends), Karen (one of mum’s friends from England) and Ashley (Karen’s wife), Mary (mum’s foster sister) and her husband Martin and one of their sons William. Then Joanna (another cousin) and her friend Gabriella met us at the Irish pub down the road where we’d settled on for dinner.

It was another lively evening with food and drink, though Glen and I were a little subdued as we hadn’t yet recovered from the night before. Combine that with lingering colds, Glen’s work, and the low level background stress of wedding preparation and by about 8pm we were ready for bed. I think, however, we managed to last until 9:30 or so. Miriam and Peter set off the departures as they had to move their car at 9pm, and it wasn’t long before we’d all parted ways.

Despite my tiredness, I was really glad to see everyone and to have a bit more time to spend with them. There haven’t been many opportunities to have long one-on-one conversations but the short ones I’ve had have been special to me. It still amazes me that people travelled all this way to see us and be there for our wedding.

What do you say, eh?

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