8 more sleeps til the wedding

I’m starting to get excited now. Things are starting to fall into place. The past two days have been relatively easy going as we knock a few more things off the list. I’ve mostly sorted the transport to the wedding now and should get taxi confirmation tomorrow. We’ve sent information back to the photographer and we’ve got a final chat coming up on Sunday.

Our suits are ready to collect. Glen’s ring isn’t ready yet, obviously. My speech is mostly done (just got a few touches to add). Really, the main last thing to do is pick a procession song and a marriage certificate signing song. Any suggestions? I was thinking Ride of the Valkyries.

Julian’s booked me a haircut for Friday and I’m going to book a proper shave for Tuesday. Other than that, there’s not much else left to coordinate. Which is great because it means I don’t have to stress and I can finally get over this cold. I think I’m at the tale end of it now.

I tidied the apartment today. I’ve just got the floors left to do. I think it’s the cleanest and tidiest its been since before we moved in. I’m tempted to go and stay in a hotel for a few days so we don’t mess it up. I threatened Glen not to leave his clothes on the floor when he got home.

Other than that I’ve done a few other odds and ends. I took some books back to the library yesterday and then did some research on executioners (for my new book). One good thing (among many) of living in a large city is that the library collection tends to be extensive. We’re also near the Toronto Reference Library which has a LOT of books in it covering all sorts of weird topics (like executioners).

I’ve been to the gym, I’ve been shopping, I did a bit of writing too (not a lot but enough to keep the guilt down and to make some progress). I’ve also watched TV and have gotten myself completely hooked on Damages, a TV show with Glenn Close. It’s nasty, full of lots of twists and turns, and I’m nearly done with season 1 (I only started watching it yesterday). I’d be watching it now but Glen’s gone to the gym and even though he’s only seen a few out of the 11 episodes I’ve watched, he has forbidden me to watch anymore without him. Surely I can just fill him in later.

The first of our guests start to arrive in Toronto tomorrow. I don’t think we’ll get the chance to see them because they’ll be tired but it won’t be long before we’re reunited. It’s been thrilling to see friends on Facebook start their journeys to our part of the world. A few are in New York, one is in Istanbul, a couple out west. I’m actually pretty envious of them, which is a little insane.

8 more sleeps to go.

3 thoughts on “8 more sleeps til the wedding

  1. “Ride of the Valkyries” is a little showy, don’t you think, what with the huge orchestra and the vocalising sopranos and mezzo-sopranos? What about Mendelssohn’s “In Fingal’s Cave” overture, or Gounod’s “Funeral March of a Marionette” . . . ?


      1. I was actually kidding with both! But have a listen to the Gounod, if you don’t know it–it’s quite fun, and you may find it quite familiar: it was used as the signature theme for the 1960s TV series The [Alfred] Hitchcock Half-Hour . . .


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