A weekend for skiing and wedding things

Saturday was a bit of a strange day as we didn’t really have anything planned. That’s not really a bad thing considering the wedding is soon and we have people arriving. It just felt a bit odd to be in Toronto on a Saturday with no real plans. That didn’t mean we didn’t have stuff to do.

I went shopping for a few odds and ends, leaving Glen to listen to a webcast on some breast imaging thing and putting the finishing touches on the party favours. He sent me a message while I was out with a photo of them attached. Each party favour comes with a hangover kit that Glen’s put together (containing ibuprofen, tictacs, almonds and chocolates), with a Canadian animal keyring attached. They look great. I made the suggestion that the animal should be in the bag with its head sticking out. He liked the idea, though having to redo all 60 was not fun. They were all done by the time I got home though.

In the evening we went to the Snow Show with Pete and Royden. I’d already been on Thursday so was largely there for moral support (and to stop Glen from buying more things he didn’t need). He managed to find some new ski pants. The ones he bought last year were too loose and long. He bought some orange overall ones, which I think are the same as the ones I have. Pete bought a onesie, Royden bought gloves, and I didn’t get anything. And not only did I save us money by not buying anything, I also stopped Glen from buying a new ski jacket. See how much money I’m saving this family?

Konzelmann WinerySunday morning Pete and Royden drove us down to Niagara-on-the-Lake so we could go through our final walkthrough for the wedding. I’m so glad we did. There were a few little minor details that we picked up which would have been missed if we hadn’t gone down there again.

We also got a good idea of the weather. Sunday wasn’t a particularly warm day and our ceremony is going to be down on the shores of the lake. The area looks a lot different to when we were there last year. Then there was snow and ice, Sunday there was green grass and leaves on the vines. And a gazebo! We finalised a few more details, went inside, checked out the reception venue, sorted that out, and then we were done. The venue manager went off to another meeting with people wanting weddings, while we went and chose our final red wine.

Glen also bought a fruit bowl made from part of a wine barrel, and Pete and Royden bought us a table, also made from a wine barrel, which Glen really liked. They’re both lovely. We need a bigger apartment.

After the wedding stuff was done, we went for brunch at Le Bleu Tortoise, then stopped at Corbett’s in Oakville on the way back to try on ski boots. I’m so glad we got the boots from the store, rather than picking something at the Snow Show. Glen and I each had a sales assistant fit us for boots. My guy was a good looking young guy, who was a bit surly, while Glen had an older guy who joked around with us (by making fun of us) yet really knew his stuff. I wonder how his sense of humour goes down with the Canadians as he was well suited for the Australian way of customer service.

We found boots. Glen’s were more expensive than mine, so I helped reduce the difference by buying a new GoPro accessory that was on sale. We also bought ski boot bags and some socks. Very excited to get out and go skiing again. We also learned there’s a place in North York where you can go skiing on small hills in an evening. Might have to check that out.

Next we stopped at the outlet malls. Glen wanted a new winter coat so he could give his to his mum. He found one he liked, as did I. He bought his, I didn’t. Yet again, I saved us a lot of money. Am I appreciated because of it? Pete and Royden then looked in Restoration Hardware and finally it was time to go home. My cold was getting worse and I was nodding off in the car. Very glad to get home after such a busy day.

Only 9 days to go!

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