The bus saga continues

Our wedding is less than two weeks away. I’m still trying to organise transportation for people from their hotels in Niagara Falls/Niagara on the Lake to the winery and back again. This has been going on for months.

When I first looked into it, I thought I’d found a good option with a double decker bus company. They were initially keen, and gave me a reasonable price. I then left it for a while as I was waiting for more quotes to come in, and also seeing exactly how many people would need to be on the bus.

Once I got my final numbers (37), I then contacted them again, only to be told firstly that they couldn’t go down some of the routes, and then, after I’d queried if alternative routes could be accommodated, told that they didn’t want the bus out that late (1am) because of trouble in the past. Thank you and goodbye.

My next option was taxis. I got a price for how much each trip would cost for a van and it looks like this will be the option we’ll be going down. However, I thought I’d investigate buses again and get some more prices.

Most were in the $1500 to $2000 range, which is at least double the cost of taxis. I did, however, get a price from a school bus operator which seemed almost too good to be true. I should have locked it in then, but we were meeting with the venue coordinator shortly after receiving the quote and I wanted to ask his advice. He gave me the contact for a guy at Niagara Falls town council as the city buses are available for hire.

After taking a week to get back to me, this guy said it wasn’t possible and flicked me off to Niagara Parks Commission. I eventually got a quote from them which was $2200. This was to use normal city buses, public transport stock essentially. I was not impressed.

I went back to the school bus people to confirm the price. Yes, that was fine but I’d have to lock it in quick as bus drivers were being booked up. I said go for it. I then get an email today saying the 1am part of the trip couldn’t be accommodated because there were now no drivers available.

I went back to Niagara Falls city council to enquire if there was anything that they could do, only to be told that this time, because there was another event on, they were committed. Thank you and goodbye.

Perhaps, thought I, the school bus company could do the 2pm journey, getting everyone to the winery but then taking taxis back. Oh no, sorry, not possible. The drivers are all committed to collecting school kids but if I was willing to have people get picked up earlier then they could do that, as long as they were done by two. Umm, excuse me, but why did you say you could do that part of the journey one minute, only to later turn around and say you couldn’t?

I am thoroughly over the whole thing, yet, like some sort of masochist, I have continued one other bus company to see how exorbitant their prices are. Failing this, it’s taxis. The whole rest of the wedding has been easier to organise than two trips on a bloody bus!

What do you say, eh?

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