Book of Mormon

Friday night Glen and I went to see the musical Book of Mormon playing at Princess of Wales Theatre. Book of Mormon had been our radar for a few years, with plenty of people saying how funny it was and well worth seeing. Usually when something is that hyped up, we’re often a bit disappointed. I’m happy to say that it lived up to expectations and was a great – if highly irreverent – show.

When we arrived, there was a real Mormon outside one of the doors handed out the real Book of Mormon. Thinking it was some promotion for the show, Glen took one. It’s quite a long book, isn’t it?

We had excellent seats, seated about halfway back and in the centre of the stage so we got a good view of the action while also still being able to see the actors’ expressions. The musical was written by the guys behind South Park so it was filled with typical South Park humour – very rude, very non-PC – but if you weren’t too offended, it was a great show.

Fun musical numbers, great laughs, and all in all a great night at the theatre.

(We also ate a Mormon Gingerbread Man. He was very tasty.)

Book of Mormon Gingerbread Man

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