Tim Minchin in Toronto

Glen and I joined Bec and Alastair to see Tim Minchin as part of the Just for Laughs 42 (JFL42) comedy festival on Thursday night. I’d nearly had a fit trying to figure out the ticketing system with this festival, as the “simple” instructions didn’t give a full picture of what was required to book, and the FAQs were a little buried.

The long and the short of it was we had two credits each which entitled us to see two JFL42 shows (excluding the headliners). We picked Tim Minchin because hey, it’s Tim Minchin and he was the whole reason we wanted to go, but didn’t pick any others. Reason being I was so fed up with the system that I was in a foul mood any time I looked at the damn site, and the other reason being that there wasn’t anyone who looked worthwhile going to see. So the second credit (actually, we have two credits again because if you check in at a show an hour before you get that credit back and can use it for something else. It’s a trick to help build the comedy festival’s audience quickly) has gone unused.


The four of us headed down to King St West for dinner. We were on the streetcar heading in the general direction of Bathurst when Glen realised we had no specific restaurant in mind and would just wander until we found something we liked. He wasn’t having a bar of it so quickly jumped on his phone to find somewhere. He found Buca, which was hidden down an alleyway, but was a really great find.

Buca is an Italian restaurant but doesn’t carry the usual fare. The dishes includes things like intestines, offal, brains, sweetbreads, that sort of thing. I settled on scallops. Glen had a funghi pizza. Alastair chose a duck offal pasta and Bec had a vegetarian ravioli type dish. Everything was delicious, and we all considered it one of our better finds in Toronto.

We then chose three desserts after seeing a zuccotti being prepared, which is a round sponge cake stuffed with mousse and topped with chocolate sauce. The others were flourless cakes (apple maybe) and a tiramisu. All really tasty. We then had to rush to catch a cab down to the theatre for the show.

It was really good to see Tim perform again. The last time was a few years ago in Perth. He hasn’t been doing gigs for the past couple of years and has written new material for his shows (he’s working on musicals at the moment), but even though we’d heard them all before, we still had a good laugh. This time we actually knew what he was singing so could pay attention to things we missed last time.

The crowd loved him, which was good as I wondered if he’d translate to a Canadian audience. The show wrapped up at about 11, giving us about an hour and a half of his stuff. We poured out into the street, walked up a way through the CNE before catching a cab home. Another great night with friends complete.

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