Farmers markets, wedding rings and a dip in the pool

It feels like we’ve spent so few weekends in Toronto that it’s actually nice to have some time to do ordinary things like go shopping and visit friends (though I wouldn’t want to do it forever).

Saturday morning we went with Julian to the farmers’ markets at the Evergreen Brickworks. It’s filled with organic, locally grown produce, which means there are a lot of ugly and heirloom vegetables. It’s nice. The only thing is you really need to go knowing what you’re cooking during the week. In the end I bought some tomatoes, zucchinis and squash, and some berries. Spent WAY more than I would have in the shops, but hopefully the taste is better.

From there we went to Queen Street West to a jewellers called Made You Look. I hadn’t had any lucky in getting in touch with a friend of a friend who’s a jeweller so on Friday night I went online to find alternatives. Looking at Made You Look’s website, I found some styles I liked and so we went to take a gander.

The shop assistant was excellent. Not too pushy but not disinterested. Gave us space to look but pointed out a few alternatives. The ones I looked at online were nice but then she showed me one that was a wood and metal combination which really caught my eye. I’ve requested a quote for it and wanted a few questions answered too. All going well, I’ve got a ring with a minimum of fuss.

Glen also found a ring. He wasn’t meant to but he did. He really likes it, and it’s very nice. We’re waiting for his quote too.

We then went to Chinatown and Julian and I waited in the car while Glen picked up his new Prada glasses. I really wish I’d bought them now too as they look really good (and suit me too). It’s a shame we don’t have the same level of blindness (his vision is worse than mine).

All that shopping made us hungry so we went for yum cha in Yorkville. The food was nice but more expensive than Chinatown (obviously). We went home and soon had to leave for Ur and Israel’s as we were going to swim in their pool and have a bbq. Alastair came too.

We jumped in the pool soon after arriving. It was warm, which was good or else there wouldn’t have been any way we could get in it. There’s also a hot tub. The kids swam about and tired themselves out. I wasn’t too far behind them. We then had dinner, and I’d brought the mix to make meringues (yes, another Eton mess), but it didn’t turn out as planned. We still ate it though, with cream and berries. The kids’ reactions to it were funny. Leia didn’t like any of it, Etye was happy with the bits and pieces, and Liad only wanted the berries.

We left at about 9:30/10, Ur giving us a ride home. It was a big day.

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