Boyhood and Teen Lust

Our movie marathon continued, with us going to see Boyhood on Tuesday night and Teen Lust on Wednesday. But before that I finished the first draft of the sequel to my book on Tuesday.

It’s the third time I’ve attempted this book, the other two times stopping before the end (about 65,000 words in). This time I actually managed to get to some sort of conclusion. There is a lot of editing still to be done, but for the rest of Tuesday I was happy with what I’d achieved. Can’t edit a blank page and all that.

Wednesday I tinkered with characters, finding photos to represent them and pulling together some descriptions of their features and mannerisms. Admittedly, most authors do that first but I find I prefer to get as much writing down as possible before going back and locking things in place. I find more exciting things happen then.

Tuesday’s movie was called Boyhood and was just on at the regular cinema. It’s been out for a while, and been receiving great reviews. It’s filmed over 10 or 12 years with most of the same cast, including the same kid actors who you get to grow up on screen.

We went with Julian and Mike, grabbing the lateish session at 8:15. We thought it was a two hour film; it was closer to three. In that respect it was a bit long, particularly as not a lot happens. I know it’s a bit of an odd thing to say when you are literally watching people grow older on screen, right before your very eyes, but honestly, not much happens. A lot of navel gazing, some teen angst that never really tips into anything more because no one can be bothered. Patricia Arquette was her usual intense self but I like her so that was fine.

I left with a very full bladder and feeling a little bit depressed about getting older.

Wednesday’s film was Teen Lust as part of TIFF. It’s about an 18 year old boy who is going to be sacrificed in his parents’ satanic church – unless he can lose his virginity. Canadian made film, didn’t quite hit the mark for me. Some funny moments with some good performances, however, half the actors seemed to be hamming it up and the other half were going for something more serious.

Lots of cheers from the audience. I’ve never heard of the director so maybe he’s a local favourite. Or maybe his friends were there.

After the movie, Glen, Julian and I went over the road to Guu, a very noisy Japanese restaurant and ate some food. I was weighed at the gym on Monday and apparently I’ve lost 4 kg over the past year and about 5% body fat. Not sure how accurate it is but if true, it’s good to know that I haven’t been stacking on the wait. I’m sure going to the gym regularly has helped.

Two more TIFF films to go.

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