From Lewisporte to Corner Brook

I woke to a grey Friday morning, which nullified my desire to check out Notre Dame Provincial Park after I left Lewisporte. So I packed up, checked out, climbed in the car and set off south to rejoin Highway 1.

I was pretty low on fuel but didn’t want to pay the 139.1 c per litre in Lewisporte. Or on the Highway. I swung into Grand Falls-Windsor, which was much bigger than I’d expected, hoping that the petrol would cost a little bit less. It wasn’t. Looks like everyone within a certain radius charges the exact same amount. I filled up anyway or else I wasn’t going to make it all the way to Corner Brook.

The weather cleared up along the journey so after three or four hours when I pulled up at Tim and Vaughan’s in Corner Brook the sky was clear. Corner Brook is one of the biggest towns on the west. Formerly a big deal in the lumber/timber industry, its mill is now almost shut down. The biggest employer is now the hospital as it services the whole west of the province.

It was great to see Tim, a friendly and known face on the west coast. I dropped off my bags and then we went out for lunch at Harbour Corner Cafe. Afterwards we went up to the Thomas Cook Lookout which gives a great view of the town and the water. There are a few other tourist things in town but I was quite happy to go back to Tim’s and just vegetate for a while.

In the evening I joined Tim and Vaughan for dinner with a bunch of radiologists. Two of the ones that Vaughan works with were leaving, one returning to Glasgow, the other to San Diego. We went to the nicest restaurant in Corner Brook, even then it’s outside the town. Marble Inn I think it’s called. The food was pretty good, as were the drinks. We stayed until about 11:30 and then I decided instead of driving back to Corner Brook and then later drive to Deer Lake to pick-up Glen (about 50 minutes away), I’d just go to the airport and sleep in the car.

I arrived at 12:50, an hour before he was due to land. I went inside to use the loo and then almost wept when I saw his flight was delayed 70 minutes. I was more than two hours early. Because my phone doesn’t have reception outside Corner Brook, I didn’t get any of Glen’s messages to say he would be delayed. I went back to the car and had broken sleep for the next two hours.

Thankfully, Glen didn’t arrive any later than 2:50am, and as he travelled only with hand luggage, he was out in no time and we were on the road to Corner Brook. I was glad Glen was there, the obvious being that I hadn’t seen him for a week and was excited to share the spectacular sights of western Newfoundland with him, and the other being he could keep me awake as we drove back to Corner Brook.

Still no moose.

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