Never was a cornflake girl but I make a mean breakfast

Our busy week continued with us attending Tori Amos’ concert on Friday night, serving up a breakfast for seven on Saturday, choosing wedding suits and negotiating the Taste of the Danforth madness.

But first, Friday, I went to the local Goodlife gym to complete my membership. I’d paid my money, been given a membership number, just needed the swipe tag and a free bag. Honestly, the service was pretty rubbish. You’d think as a new member the staff behind the counter would be a bit more willing to, I don’t know, tell you what you got for your membership or show you around the four floors of equipment. Still, they’ve got my money so what do they really care?

In their defence I was told about half-price personal training sessions and free towel hire. What would have been more useful would be telling me where the changerooms/washrooms are. Instead, one of the other clients told me. Poor customer service aside, the gym is well apportioned, has everything I need and a whole bunch of things I don’t. Plenty of eye candy around so that’s a bonus. We’ll see how often I go. (I joined because, surprisingly, I’m outgrowing the weight limits at the condo gym. Now that’s progress.)

The awesome Tori Amos

In the evening Glen and I (along with Pete and Royden who’d booked separately) went to Tori Amos’ concert at Massey Hall, and I’m afraid my annoyance with my fellow beasts ratcheted up a few notches. During the warm-up act, people behind us were talking. Not whispering. Talking. Almost as loud as if they were in a pub. I was too far away for my death glares to make a difference, but the fact that I was far away and could still hear them tells you how loud they were.

Then, the woman in front was taking photos/video with her phone (which you’re not supposed to do), then opened Facebook, posted a video, then sent it to her friend, all the while with her screen blazing up the darkness. Coupled with the fact that the seats in the upper gallery are so atrociously small (my knees were touching the people in front. Not just their seats, their backs! I was cramped all night and my toes went numb), my tolerance for this rudeness was nonexistent. I leant forward, scaring her half to death, and in my sweetest voice asked her to put away her phone. To her credit, she immediately did so and had the good graces to feel embarrassed. (Later, in the intermission before Tori came on stage, she timidly turned around and asked if it was ok if she took a few photos of Tori. I said fine, and she was discrete about it.)

Also, people calling out during songs, or shouting out their “Yeahs” just as she opens her mouth to sing. We’re not here to listen to you, you dickhead. Shut up and sit down. (You can tell I was not in a happy mood.)

What else annoyed me? The opening act. I liked their voices, I liked a couple of their songs, but they shared a microphone, both leaning in to practically kiss over the damn thing. It looked awful. It looked uncomfortable. And it looked wanky. The stage is huge and you need to share a microphone? Seriously? Oh, and whenever they talked to the audience they mumbled. I have no idea who they were or what their songs were called. Grrrrr.

You’ll be pleased to know that I found Tori’s performance excellent. I knew only one of her songs, and two of her covers, and enjoyed a couple of extras, but she’s got such a beautiful voice, an exceptional talent (she plays two pianos at once, one in front and one behind her), and is warm with the audience. One of the cutest moments was when she was tinkering trying to figure out the chords for the song she was about to play, but then said, “Fuck it,” and moved on, blaming it on the menopause. Much laughter ensued.

She played a mash-up of Free Fallin’ and Mystery (? a Sarah MacLachlan song), which was great. I really liked Icicle, and another I can’t remember the name of. Of course, she played Cornflake Girl as the last song of the main set, which just brought the house down. Knowing more of her songs probably would have helped increase my enjoyment of it, but it didn’t really matter overall. And my enjoyment of her performance outweighed my general irritation with the rudeness of the people in the audience.

Food, food and more food – and suits

Saturday morning we had David and Antony (and Josh), Manny, Julian and Collin over for breakfast, managing to squish the seven of us around our small table and into our small apartment. I cooked up bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs. We also had mimosas/kir royales (which went right to my head), and then some fruit and croissants. It all went down a treat, and it was a fun way to start the day, getting to chat to everyone and catch up. They left about 11:30 as Manny had to get back to Dave and Antony’s, collect his suitcase, then catch a flight to Washington.

About 2pm, Glen and I went to a recommended formalwear hire shop a couple of blocks away to get suits for our wedding. It’s one of a number of things we’ve been putting off, but with the wedding only two and a half months away, and will limited time between now and then, we bit the bullet. Neither of us had really expected to find anything we liked, and we were doing this more as a scouting expedition. In the end, we booked the suits and it was also sorted within about half an hour.

When we walked in, Glen said we were going to a wedding. The guy needed a bit more information. Were we on the wedding party? I get annoyed with ambiguity and could just see the rest of our time there being spent shiftily talking AROUND the fact that we were the grooms. To Glen’s annoyance, I said we were the grooms. The guy said congratulations. That was it. No issues.

The guy serving us was great. He wasn’t pushy, but showed enough interest. He showed us their range and the prices associated. We saw suits we liked (Glen likes tails, while I’ve got a morning coat). We tried them on. He took our measurements, wrote everything down, and just like that, we’re all sorted. And all for a fraction of the price it would have cost us to buy outright. One more thing off the list.

Glen on his way to the DanforthLater Glen and I headed out east to visit Cam and Vincent. It’s Taste of the Danforth in Greektown this weekend, so we went to their place to meet, have some drinks, then walk down busy Danforth St to buy some Greek food. It was hot and crowded. The novelty of visiting it last year was definitely not there for us this year. We walked up one side, bought some food, including a rosemary and chicken pie, some dohnuts, a milkshake, maybe some other things.

Unfortunately Vincent was nursing a rather painful tooth-ache, which became almost unbearable as time went on. Combine that with the heat and the heaving crowds and before long we were heading back to their place. Actually, I say before long, but we were probably down there for a couple of hours. We got ice-cream on the way back. We didn’t get any chicken on a stick, which was a bit of a surprise. We stayed at their place for a little while before the pain got too much and Vincent and Cam went off to do something about his tooth. Glen and I caught the train home.

So that brings us up to Saturday night. I’m exhausted already and there’s still Sunday to go.

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