Lazy like the bears in Churchill

Saturday was a very lazy day. We didn’t have any tours booked. I asked about kayaking for the afternoon but all spaces were filled, so I booked us in for Sunday instead. We hung around in the hotel for a while, before walking down to Wapusk General Store to check out what they had.

They’ve got a dog sled tour, where you go look at the dogs at the kennel, then go out on a cart. It’s not really a wildlife thing, and as we’d been dogsledding in winter already, we decided to give it a miss.

We had lunch at Gypsy’s again. I’m so sick of eating out, and it’s not cheap either. After lunch, we went to the beach behind the community centre to watch the crazy people of Churchill take part in their annual bay dip.

It usually takes place on 1 July, when there are still chunks of ice floating about in the Hudson Bay. For whatever reason it was postponed until 2 August. Teams of four line up on the beach and run in relay into the frigid water to touch a line and then run back to shore. Fastest team wins.

I was impressed at the way the people just launched themselves into the water. No way was it warm, in any sense of the word, but in they dove. They didn’t have to go far, admittedly, but cold is cold. The whole thing was done in about five minutes, but it was a fun thing to see.

When we got back to the hotel, we told the owner we’d been to see it. She laughed and said how there’s not much to do up the north. Got to make your fun where you can find it.

The rest of the day was spent lounging about like lazy bears. I wrote some more of my book, I read another. Glen napped. In the ‘evening’ (it’s still painfully bright at 7pm), we went to the Lazy Bear Lodge’s restaurant, which was really nice. It’s built like a big log cabin/lodge, and has a good view out to the tundra. The food is good too.

The sirens went off at 10, and we went to sleep soon after, only to be woken up at some point in the night by the fire crackers going off. A bear was in town somewhere and the bear patrol were encouraging it to leave. Didn’t sound too close so we couldn’t look out our window and see it.

What do you say, eh?

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